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Bachelor Degree in Fashion Styling & Communication

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Catarine Costa

Catarine Costa

Bachelor Degree in Fashion Styling & Communication

  • Modalidade
    A modalidade da Graduação em Estilismo e Comunicação de Moda, será presencial em Milão.
  • Duração
    A duração aproximada do curso é de 3 anos.
  • Certificado Oficial
    Os participantes receberão um certificado oficial de Graduado em Estilismo e Comunicação de Moda.
  • Considerações
    A Graduação em Estilismo e Comunicação da Moda da Accademia del Lusso de Milão, prepara os alunos para desempenhar funções que vão desde ambientes criativos a funções corporativas na área de imagem e comunicação de moda, fornecendo base e teoria para a compreensão da indústria da moda e técnicas inovadoras que garantem que os participantes estejam totalmente preparados para entrar no mercado de trabalho assim que concluírem o curso.
  • Dirigido a
    A graduação é destinada à estudantes e profissionais da área de moda que tenham interesse em comunicação aplicada a negócios de moda.
  • Área de atuação
    Ao concluir os estudos, as perspectivas profissionais são amplas. Os formados poderão desempenhar funções de: Gerente de Comunicação, Editor de Moda, Estilista Editorial, Estilista de Desfile de Moda, Estilista de Celebridades, entre outras.
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  • Conteúdo
    Bachelor Degree in Fashion Styling & Communication


    DURATION: 3 years
    ATTENDANCE: Full-time
    LANGUAGE: English
    CLASS SIZE: Limited class size
    LOCATION: Milan


    The everchanging context for fashion communication and styling professionals means that it is essential keep on top of innovations, technology, and new media.

    This course provides both the background and theory for understanding such complex areas of the fashion and luxury industry, and the latest techniques and current insider knowledge which ensure students are fully prepared to enter the world of work as soon as they finish their course.

    On the communication side, students study the main online and traditional media channels for communicating brand identity and fashion and luxury products, learning skills in advertising, marketing, external relations, events, and press office tasks.

    In the fashion styling area, students learn to define the mood of a collection, promote a brand or collection image through photoshoots, fashion shows, or advertising campaigns, and they analyse celebrity styling and learn the essentials of image consulting in private, corporate, advertising and publishing contexts.

    Specialist knowledge and skills in a variety of areas, from fashion editing to art direction, business management to make-up techniques, amplifies students’ skills set and enables them to work in varied roles across the Italian and international fashion styling and communication spectrum.


    History of Art, Fashion & Design
    Computer Graphics for Fashion
    Fashion Product Communication
    Fashion & Luxury Marketing
    Fashion Start-up Management
    Fashion Publishing
    Fashion Image Design Methodology
    Alterations and Fitting
    Make-up Techniques for Show Business
    Brand Design


    - Build contacts through the many opportunities provided for networking with experts in the fashion industry: workshops, seminars, competitions, and events.
    - Study with the latest software and technologies.
    - Get current insider knowledge from teachers, who all have roles in fashion businesses or own their own company.
    - Exclusive study location: Accademia del Lusso is the only school on the renowned Via Montenapoleone, at the heart of Milan’s fashion district.
    - Small class sizes mean flexible and personalised course content, and for a rich student-teacher interaction.
    - Practical workshops and project work provided by real fashion businesses give students authentic experience which prepares them for the world of work.


    Accademia del Lusso’s admissions policy is flexible and assesses each applicant on an individual basis. We accept a range of qualifications and professional experience and encourage you to contact us if you have non-standard qualifications.

    To apply for this course, please use the online contact form and fill it in with your details. Our admissions office staff will contact you in the shortest time possible with all the information you need and will guide you through the application procedure.

    Please note that although there is no deadline for applications, the course has a limited number of places available, so we would advise that you apply early to avoid disappointment.


    Upper secondary school qualification


    ● Fashion Editor ● Fashion Show Stylist ● Editorial Stylist ● Research Consultant ● Event Organiser ● Fashion Show Director ● PR Officer ● Image Consultant ● E-Stylist ● Press Office ● Art Director


    The school Placement Office is constantly active in creating new fashion internship and job opportunities for students. It also provides assistance and guidance for students in their search for placements relevant to their course, career goals, and interests.

    Support is given in developing self-promotion skills and our students have access to the large network of contacts and opportunities available exclusively to students of Accademia del Lusso.

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