Three Years Course in Fashion Marketing and Communication

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Daniela Nogueira

Daniela Nogueira

Three Years Course in Fashion Marketing and Communication

  • Modalidade
    O curso de Bachelor of Arts Fashion Marketing and Communication tem aulas presencial na sede do centro em Milão.
  • Duração
    O curso de Bachelor of Arts Fashion Marketing and Communication tem duração de 3 anos.
  • Certificado Oficial
    Ao fim do curso o aluno receberá o título BA with Honours em Fashion Marketing and Communication
  • Considerações
    O primeiro passo que alguém que queira se especializar nessa área deve dar é desenvolver seu talento criativo. O curso de Fashion Marketing and Communication do IED Milão trabalha para que o aluno desenvolva suas habilidades criativas e técnicas, para que seja capaz de compreender o mercado e identificar seus aspectos mais forte, sempre em sintonia com as novas tendências. Ao fim do curso, o aluno desenvolverá um projeto final, baseado em um ambiente de trabalho simulado e um complexo contexto cultural, onde deve mostrar não só o seu conhecimento sobre o mercado como também sua personalidade criativa. Em seus mais de 40 anos de existência, o IED já formou mais de 90 mil estudantes. O Istituto Europeo de Design está presente na Espanha, Brasil e Itália, onde, além de Milão, tem outras cinco sedes.
  • Dirigido a
    O curso de Fashion Marketing and Communication do IED Milão é feito para pessoas que se interessam pela área de comunicação e comércio e queiram desenvolver seu talento criativo para trabalhar na área de Marketing.
  • Área de atuação
    O profissional formado em Fashion Marketing and Communication pela IED pode trabalhar na área de Marketing de diversos tipos de empresas, cuidando das ações de marketing, fazendo pesquisas de mercado, coordenando as áreas de licenças e vendas. O fato do curso ser internacional ajuda a abrir portas em empresas multinacionais, que apreciam os profissionais familiarizados com o mercado europeu.

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  • Conteúdo
    Fashion Marketing and Communication - Major in Fashion Marketing.
    Three years courses - Milan

    The completion of the three year IED course in Fashion Marketing and Communication is a valuable addition to one’s professional skill set and is made for those who have high personal objectives: developing creative talents must be the first step in becoming a specialist in this field, strengthening one’s project development and technical skills in order to be able to feel confident about having a complete understanding of the economic environment, to be in a position to judge its strong points, and be capable of segmenting and continually monitoring the market.

    Professional profile: Fashion Buyer, Licensing Manager, Store o Retail Manager, Sales Manager, Merchandising Manager, Fashion Stylist, Fashion PR

    Bachelor of Honours Degree awarded by the University of Westminster at IED, valid throughout the European Community.

    •     Credits: 180
    •     Start date: October 2017
    •     Language: English


    The men and women involved in fashion marketing are required to have a highly developed cultural background and high esthetic sensibilities, as well as the creativity needed to develop new ideas in order to promote the growth and constant renewal needed in a fashion company. In the world of fashion, the marketing department is of utmost importance: analyzing the market, tendencies and lifestyles, helping to guide the company in their approach to the public, planning and organizing the production, product launches, communication strategy and distribution of the collections.

    The first year of the course of Fashion Marketing is devoted to the acquisition of the fundamental technical skills required, the correct methods used in project management, and building a solid base and preparation regarding the culture of fashion. The study program is concentrated on designing a fashion photography shoot: from observing the real world and deconstructing the signals, to the development of an idea and its transformation into a style, in an imaginary situation where the student is required to create an editorial project. The essential goal is assist the student in his capacity to interpret the styles, to analyze and synthesize the real world and his own ideas, translating them into a creative and coherent image, who knows how to transmit the essence of an esthetic image.

    The second year is designed to go deeper into the methods, the acquired tools and the cultural aspects which will be more concretely defined: the projects (photo shoots of women, men, still life) deal with all of the various phases which are involved: research/development/realization - and which represent the building blocks of the study program. Each subject is handled according to the project: the technical and creative methodology (software, digital imaging, video creation); the cultural codes (contemporary fashion, photography, semiotics and in general learning how to interpret images). The basic objective is to form a specialist in Fashion Marketing capable of knowledgeably managing the creativity, the time and the mechanisms involved in project management, and to show a high level of skill regarding the background of different fashion styles throughout history, contemporary tendencies, critical analytical capabilities and their synthesis into new forms.

    The third year is dedicated to an advanced design project in a simulated professional environment involving complex cultural elements. The elaboration of the final project leaves room for personal intuition and critical reflections on the part of the student. The thesis project for the course of Fashion Marketing favors the development of a personal style and a project which shows originality and coherence, in which the student must show his knowledge of the technical, quality and economic aspects tied to the actual production of the collection.

    The students will undertake a Bachelor of Honours Degree awarded by the University of Westminster at IED, valid throughout the European Community.


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    1 Anno

        Communication Techniques And Strategy (specialization) 1
        Fashion Culture 1
        Fashion Management
        Fashion Marketing And Communication
        Marketing Techniques And Strategy (specialization) 1
        Representation Techniques 1
        Visual Culture

    2 Anno

        Communication Techniques And Strategy (specialization) 2
        Fashion Advertising
        Fashion Communication
        Fashion Culture 2
        Fashion Marketing 1
        Marketing Techniques And Strategy (specialization) 2
        Representation Techniques 2

    3 Anno

        Communication Techniques And Strategy (specialization) 3
        Fashion Culture 3
        Fashion Marketing 2
        Major Project
        Marketing Techniques And Strategy (specialization) 3
        Professional Skills


    Activities in the Computer Labs allow the students to acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the completion of each course. The Computer are equipped with OSX and Windows operating system, projector, printer, scanner and graphic pens. All the necessary software needed to develop projects and prepare for exams are already installed. Common areas located within the premises are equipped with WIFI connection.

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