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Three Years Course in Graphic Design

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Milão

Three Years Course in Graphic Design - Itália

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Daniela Nogueira
Three Years Course in Graphic Design
  • Modalidade

    O Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design tem suas aulas realizadas na sede do IED na cidade de Milão

  • Duração

    O curso de Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design tem 3 anos de duração.

  • Certificado Oficial

    O curso é creditado como um Diploma Acadêmico de Nível 1

  • Considerações

    O curso de Graphic Design visa formar designers especializados em comunicação visual, capazes de expressar mensagens e valores através de imagens.

    Ao final do curso, o aluno desenvolverá um projeto final, trabalhando junto a empresas e instituições associadas ao IED.

    O IED Milão trabalha em parceria com diversas empresas reconhecidas internacionalmente, como a Alitalia, Adidas, Reebok, Blackberry, entre outras.

  • Dirigido a

    O curso de Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design é indicado para pessoas que queiram focar sua formação profissional nas áreas de comunicação e desenho gráfico.

  • Área de atuação

    A popularização da internet e o crescimento dos meios de comunicação resultou no crescimento de diversos mercados e profissões. Uma delas é a do designer gráfico. Responsável pela parte visual de publicações convencionais, o designer gráfico pode também trabalhar no formato web, desenvolvendo anúncios publicitários e páginas web em geral. Pode também trabalhar em editoras, emissoras de televisão e agências de publicidade.

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Graphic Design - Major in Graphic Design.
Three years courses - Milan

The course of Graphic Design aims to form a designer of visual communication. This professional role foresees the ability to create communication tools, and to create the language and images which are capable of effectively transmitting the message and the value they are striving for.

Professional Profile: Graphic Artist, Visual Communications Manager, Multimedia Designer

The course is recognized by Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) as an Academic Diploma Level I (180CF)

  •     Credits: 180
  •     Start date: October 2017
  •     Language: English


The areas in which the Graphic Designer operates, range from the design of the visual identity of a company or product, to the realization of the packaging, to the creation of the graphics used in all company communication channels on line and off.

The first year of the course of Graphic Design is dedicated to the introductory aspects of the field, and specifically to acquiring the basics, with regard to the culture, the tools and the rules which distinguish and characterize a project based behavior. In particular: font types used as tools of the graphic artist, the genesis and perception of forms and colors, software specific to graphics, the elaboration of images, including the cultural knowledge which allows one to interpret and decode the language of visual communication and cinema.

The second year concentrates on the methodology and project design internships. The future Graphic Designer gains knowledge and competence in several specific professional fields, through practical experience in three areas of visual communications: the area of expressiveness, where symbols are transformed into trademarks, logos, posters; the area of rationality, where story building takes place through text, images and pages, and where each element has a precise role, and finds its place through the graphical and typographical choices made; lastly the interactive area, and the organization of information which is available to the end user.

During the third year of the course of Graphic Design, the student concentrates on advanced project design through professional real world assistant training, experiencing real life situations as required of a Graphic Designer: from the corporate image, to product communication projects, editorial graphics to interactive design and television graphics, all through an extensive cross-media experience. The final thesis project is both complex and detailed, carried out in collaboration with organizations and companies who work together with the European Design Institute and who are looking for original and innovative solutions.

The course is recognized by MIUR as an Academic Diploma Level I


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1st Year

    History Of Contemporary Art
    History Of Drawing And Artistic Design
    Design Methods
    Computer Graphics 1
    Introduction To Publishing Design
    Graphic Design 1
    Perception Theory And The Psychology Of Form
    Arts Semiotics

2nd Year

    Computer Graphic 2
    Graphic Design 2
    Phenomenology Of Contemporary Arts
    Brand Design
    Design Methods For Visual Communication
    Sociology Of Communications
    History Of Cinema And Video
    Printing Processing Techniques
    Interaction Design

3rd Year

    Theory And Methods Of Mass Media
    Graphic Design 3
    Digital Video
    Design Management
    Exposition Settings
    Graphic Design


Annbjer Daniel
Daniel Annbjer is a Swedish Graphic Design & Art Director, graduating in 2008 from the IED Graphic Design 3 year course in Milan he now collaborates and works for various design and advertising agencies developing Branding, Corporate Identity, Illustration, Campaign and Strategic thinking in both ATL and BTL projects with National & International Clients. 2010 set his first solo exhibition in the Tortona 20 gallery displaying illustrations and graphic works, he then founded the creative platform and indie brand FVSD as well as the art collective Pastel Castles in 2013 collaborating with various artists and brands connected to popular culture and urban art and from 2014 he collaborates with IED Milan teaching Branding and Product Communication.

Billiotte Claire
Claire Billiotte (1972) lives and works in Milan. After 8 years working in the videogame industry, she studied graphic design at the Istituto Europeo di Design and graduated in 2007. In 2009, she co-founded Yvat & Klerb with Ivana Tubaro, a studio with a special interest in editorial design, typography and calligraphy.

Branzaglia Carlo
He’s involved in design and innovation. He teaches at Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, where he established the Graphic Design and Design Management programs, and Design Center Bologna. He’s also the coordinator of the Master in Graphic Design at Ied, Milan. He wrote several books (last one: Comunicare con le Immagini, third edition, 2013). The editor in chief in quarterly graphic design magazine Artlab; he is President of Adi, Emilia Romagna Delegation.

Marina Bonanni
Graphic designer who works in the field of communication and publishing for over 25 years, before as an Art Director, and since 2000 as a freelance offering his advice both in the editorial that for private and small enterprises, for which care of the image, advertising and graphic design in all its aspects. Since 1991 she is professor at the Istituto Europeo di Design in the corse of Graphic and Media Design. She is a member AIAP.

Callejas Paula Andrea
Industrial Designer, born in Medellin Colombia.Graduated from the ÒUniversidad Aut?noma de ManizalesÓ (1997) and Master in Design from Domus Academy (1999) where she has been appointed Seminar Assistant for various master courses.Has worked within the Domus Academy Research Center (D.A.R.C.) and collaborated with other studios in Milan (Italform, Mdp, Francesca Valan, Future Concept Lab) participating in different industrial, graphic and research projects, approaching different design fields: C.M.F. and trends, environmental design, playing concepts and toys. Since 2002 she heads the project 100%natural - monitor, dedicated to design, materials, jewellery, trends and crafts.

Casolo Francesco
I was born in Milan in 1974, where I currently live after having studied as well as worked in both Paris and Berlin for several years. I recently wrote, directed and filmed a documentary film called I resilienti (The resilient ones), set in Egypt, which was awarded at the Lampedusa film festival and selected at the Beirut International Film Festival.Since many years, I write for cinema (I collaborated to the screenwriting of a movie called, Cutting the grey parts, Golden Leopard at Locarno Film Festival for the best first feature, and I was awarded for an original script, Gli altri due), publishers (I work as editor and ghost writer for RCS-Rizzoli Media group) and magazines (I’ve been correspondant from Berlin and Paris for some Italian tourist magazines). Since 2006, I also work as visiting Professor c/o Istituto Europeo di Design (IED).

Di Virgilio Bettina

Gelpi Andrea
Andrea Gelpi earned a Ph.D. in Sociology of Communication from Catholic University Milan. Worked as teaching assistant in the subject of  intercultural communication and history of the radio and television. Worked as a free-lance qualitative researcher for several university research institutes on the subject of media, technology and communication. Currently working as a director of qualitative research in market research.  

Gorla Marcello
I graduated in in Service Design at the Politecnico of Milan, with a thesis about knowledge sharing and social networking. I’ve been involved in product usability field researches inside university collaborating with the Product Usability Lab and, after my graduation, I’ve been following an open design and user innovation research focusing on interface and interaction of web applications. Since 2005 I’m a teaching assistant at Politecnico of Milano Design Faculty, for first and third product design students. I work as a freelance web designer and web developer collaborating with design agencies.

Liuzzo Giuseppe
Born and raised in Catania, a perky and stimulating city of Sicily. Fascinated by Visual arts he moved to Rome to attend the IED. Among his years of studies, he has also attended the School of Visual Arts in New York, until the graduation at the IED of Milan.He began his professional career working with many Design and Communication agencies , accomplishing national and internashonal projects of Brand Identity and Brand Communication. In 2010 he creates "Liuzzo's Factory", one of the most eclectic and active Italian collective, famous for its icon BOB. In 2011 he founded his own studio in Milan and collaborate with national and international agencies and companies, developing projects of Brand Identity, Corporate Communications and Strategic.

Lucchini Alessandro
Alessandro Lucchini is a videomaker and Motion Graphics Artist.After graduating in Video Design at IED in 2006, he starts working as a freelance editor.His work is divided between traditional editing for non-fiction movies and commercials, and content production for interactive installations.This particular interest, originated from the professional partnership with studio N!03, represents now the most important part of this work.

Marzotto Claude
Claude Marzotto is a visual designer and illustrator. Partner of Atelier Vostok studio since 2005. Member of AIAP, the graphic designers’ Italian association, she collaborates as en editor with its magazine “Progetto grafico”. MA (Hons) and Ph.D. in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Temporin Stefano
Right after a master degree in Communication Design at the Politecnico of Milan, he worked several years for Leftloft as graphic and type designer.Art director of Zero Magazine and professor at IED since 2007.

Vitale Graziano
Graziano Vitale is an Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor.Graphic designer naturally born he works for advertising and publishing art. He works as author and illustrator for children's book, Graphic designer for advertising, publishing art, web and mobile applications, and teaching in Ied since 2005 for several Graphic design and Fashion Courses.

Romano Gianni
Gianni Romano is an art critic and art teacher since the late Eighties. He curated art exhibitions and teaching seminars in Europe. His most popular book is "Contemporanee" (Costa&Nolan 1999) an important survey on the work of women artists since the Seventies. In 1955 he founded one of the first art websites (postmedia.net) which will later, in 2002, turned into a publishing company with the name of "postmedia books".

Solaini Raffaele
Raffaele Solaini received the degree magna cum laude in Philosophy of language from the University of Pavia, and the Ph.D in Semiotics from the University of Bologna. He started teaching at the University of Pavia. Since 2006 he teachesSemiotics and Branding at the European Institute of design.He has worked with important market research agencies, such as Baba, Valdani&Vicari, Cried, Gpf, and Episteme, developing qualitative analysis projects, based on etnographic and semiological tools.

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