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Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management

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Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management - Itália

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Hospitality Management

Duration: 3 years
Language: English

The course is validated by the International University of Applied Sciences of Bad Honnef (IUBH).

The aim of the Bachelor Tourism and Travel Management course is to give prospective specialists and managers wishing to work in companies with a global orientation a broad, consolidated background in business management in the field of Tourism, Tourist Travel and Travel Management.

There is a focus on service companies operating at an international level. In addiction to a sound education and training, the development of academic, international/intercultural and interdisciplinary qualifications is an important pillar of lifelong that is on a par with the specialist content.

On the basis of academic knowledge, students should be able to recognize, analyze and solve economic problems that occur in everyday professional life.

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During the studies students will gain expertise in management in the field of hospitality  and will acquire knowledge of specific management issues such as restaurant management, food & beverage management, yield management, distribution, e-commerce and sustainability in hospitality.

The three core elements of the curriculum are:

Business Economics: Courses in Business Studies form the basis of the program. Examples of courses in this field are Mathematics, Statistics, Integrated Service Management, and Finance & Accounting.

Industry-specific courses: Here students acquire detailed insight into the international hospitality industry and gain in depth knowledge of specific management-related subjects such as Restaurant Management, Food and Beverage Management, Rooms Division Management, Law and Human Resource Management in the hospitality industry and Hotel Engineering.

Skills courses: The practical program (1 or 2 semesters), Computer Training, foreign language courses, Business Communication, etc. all provide vital training in essential and sought-after skills.

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