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Bachelor of Arts Video Design

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Roma

Bachelor of Arts Video Design - Itália

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BA Video Design

180 | Duration: 3 Years | Language: Italian

Start date: October

Video Design Major in Video Design Three years courses - Rome.

A Filmmaker creates and produces audiovisual work in the world of storytelling and film using an increasingly integrated mix of language and communication in directing films, in conveying meaning and in the technical and production solutions employed. A filmmaker’s work integrates the work of a designer with the work involved in cinematographic and television storytelling, documentaries, video art and commercials for entertainment, information and communication.

Job pospects: making films for cinema and television; creating documentaries and reports;  creating graphic formats for television programmes, making TV commercials and institutional films for public organizations or private companies; directing company events and conventions; producing films for concept art, vj’ing and interactive installations; creating tv and video formats for new media promotional campaigns; directing and creating videoclips and visual contents for art (museum tours and exhibitions) and for entertainment (theatre, music and fashion shows).

The course is recognized by Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR) as an Academic Diploma Level I (180CF).


The first year of the three year Video Design course in Filmmaking is dedicated to acquiring the preliminary tools for film concepts, planning and production. The production chain  is analysed through studying work of the highest international standards. Cultural and technical subjects run side by side to allow the student to immediately acquire the solid basis needed to address the complexity of film production. Practical learning and workshops play a key role with the goal of producing a documentary made by the students. The aim is to achieve a sound aesthetic sensitivity and a thorough knowledge of traditional means of communication and new digital film formats.

The second year covers guided project work. The various courses provide the student with concrete experience aimed at producing projects and pieces of work. Students gain an in-depth technical knowledge of communicating through film and enhance their understanding of the software used for video editing and compositing, graphics and visual effects, interactivity and managing multimedia contents. Cultural subjects cover an array of aspects of video from directing and screenwriting to technical knowledge and production for entertainment (including serials and new media), information, commercials and videoart. The year concludes with the making of a short fiction film.

The third year consolidates the different areas of artistic and fiction film production through photographic direction, directing actors, set management, set design and costume, planning and concluding projects in formats supported by new digital media and the development of linear and non-linear stories. Students must learn to develop their personal ideas with an eye to production needs (high and low budget) and will also study the techniques and basics of financing for independent filmmakers. At the end of the course students will make a film for a series (pilot for a web series) prior to their final thesis project.
The course is recognised by MIUR as a level one Academic Diploma (BA).

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