Ferrari Academy.

Not just a School but an actual “fashion company” that forges the future professionals of the Fashion world.

The fashion world is in a constant evolution and change, and it’s always looking for youngsters who have achieved, during their educational path, not only high level technical skills and techniques, but also an approach and a work method that is closer to the world of work and companies.

Services for our Students.
  • At Ferrari Fashion School, students can find offices in charge for welcoming and supporting them.
  • Support in finding an accommodation
  • According to each student’s needs, we do our best to support their search for an accommodation. We have agreements with many real estates who offer assistance for everything concerning the transfer, search for an
  • accommodation, with the assignment of the utilities, transportation and extra services in order to offer a wide range of solutions, with concessional prices, that can match the students’ needs.

Histórico de cursos de Ferrari Academy:

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