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Curso de Extensão: Rio - Design and the City


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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Rio de Janeiro

Curso de Extensão: Rio - Design and the City - Rio de Janeiro Capital - Rio de Janeiro

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Rio: Design and the City

Joint Course IED Rio+IES Abroad

Design, Architecture, Cultural Heritage
Language: English
Duration: 12 weeks, with two breaks
Start: 24.02.2014
End : 26.05.2014
Final exam: May 26
Hours: 36
Schedule: One 3-hr session per week, each Monday, in the morning
Price : R$ 1780,00

The course: This course is the first outcome of the partnership between IES Abroad and IED Rio, and aims to reveal the material and immaterial heritage of the city of Rio de Janeiro through sensitization and experiences formed by thematic classes and external circuitry. The contents related to art, culture, architecture, design and creative industries will be contextualized in lectures, through texts, films, documentaries and will be explored in the circuits held in various parts of the city. From these references, students can not only observe and understand the local culture, but in an integrated manner, starring everyday situations in the city.

: Discussion in class, printed material and audio-visual, performing circuits.

Required work and form of assessment: Participation in class (20%), intermediate assessment (30%), oral presentation (20%), the final work: Impressions of Rio (30%). The intervening records will be held during the visits in a sketchbook.
In the end, must present the full sketchbook with your impressions and the work completed in platform to be determined.
Learning outcomes
: At the end of the course, students will be able to:
• Appreciate the richness and complexity of Brazilian cultural heritage with a focus on art, architecture and design.
• Identify the expressions of Brazilian material culture, acknowledging their influences.
• Develop a real perception of the city of Rio de Janeiro as a reference space that articulates creativity, innovation and development in the global scenario.

: Silvia Helena Soares

Biography: Silvia Helena Soares is graduated in journalism , a specialist in the History of fashion, History of contemporary Culture and Master in Theory of Communication and Culture. She´s a professor and a lecture teacher in Brazilian Universities and at international student programs per more than 15 years and provides consulting in the areas of fashion, history, culture and education. As professor operates at Arts and Design department of PUC RIO in the areas of History of fashion, Anthropology of Fashion, History of Styles and Brazilian Culture. With a great experience in behavioral surveys her work now is currently directed to emotional design and the production of subjectivity generated through the personal narratives relating objects, individuals and emotions in contemporary society. With a special passion about young manifestations in Design, Art and Media Silvia Helena Soares have researchs  and academics works about Rio de Janeiro’s fashion style, Consumers and new emotions, Latin American visualities. Her brand new subject is the Design from Heart.

Áreas de estudo

Week 1:
Introduction + Lesson Theme 1 (Architecture - Part 1.) Art and Architecture in Colonial Brazil, Empire and Republic.
Week 2:
Lecture Circuit 1 Paço Imperial, National Archives, National History Museum, Casa Brazil France (1820).
Week 3:
Lecture Theme 2 (Architecture - Part 2.) Art, Architecture and Design in Modernity. The urban reform - beginning of XX century. Modern and Contemporary Architecture
Week 4:
Lecture Circuit 2 Museum of Modern Art, Design Store, Garden Burle Marx.
Week 5:
Lecture Theme 3 (Art and design: contemporary expressions)
Collective movements of art and design urban interventions
Week 6:
Lecture Circuit 3 Coletivo FIU Rio; Coletivo IU Intervenções Urbanas Estratégicas; Circuito Gávea-JB, Polo de Ateliers de Rio Comprido; Coletivo Muda; Super Uber. Midterm review. Week 7: Lecture Theme 4 (Art and design: contemporary expressions) Fine arts, graphic arts and product in the port area (Saúde, Gamboa, Caju and Santo Cristo).
Week 8:
Lecture Circuit 4 Armazéns, Praça XV, Centro de referência Matéria Brasil, TerraVixta. Fábrica Bhering. Norte Comum – Hotel da Loucura (final de semana). Atelier Marcelo Frazao; Atelier Gabriel Gimmler. Atelier Gilson Martins.
Week 9:
Lecture Theme 5 (Creative Economy and Cultural Heritage) Carnival Industry Popular markets Audiovisual Industry
Week 10:
Lecture Circuit 5 Cidade do Samba; SAARA.
Week 11:
Final Project - Laboratory of creativity: organization of records, selection of support / media, production.
Week 12: Final Project:
Exhibition and presentation.
Final assessment.
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