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Diploma IED in Creative Advertising and Branding

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

Diploma IED in Creative Advertising and Branding - Barcelona - Espanha

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Análise da Educaedu

Agustin González
Diploma IED in Creative Advertising and Branding
  • Modalidade

    As aulas do Curso de Publicidade Criativa e Branding do IeD são ministradas presencialmente na cidade de Barcelona.

  • Duração

    A duração total do curso é de 3 anos.

  • Certificado Oficial

    O IeD entregará um diploma oficial a todos os alunos que finalizarem o curso com sucesso..

  • Considerações

    O Diplomado de Publicidade Criativa e Branding é um curso cujo objetivo principal é formar profissionais capazes de aprimorar a imagem de uma marca a partir de estratégias publicitárias criativas e inovadoras que permitam diferenciar-se de suas concorrentes para um melhor posicionamento no mercado. Os alunos estudarão Estratégias de Branding, Comunicação Digital, Project Management, Campanhas Publicitárias e o uso de novos Canais de Design e Comunicação Visual.

  • Dirigido a

    O curso está voltado para estudantes e profissionais do mundo do design e da publicidade, interessados em atuar nas áreas de branding e publicidade.

  • Área de atuação

    Com essa formação os alunos poderão trabalhar em agências de comunicação e publicidade nas áreas de branding e marketing empresarial.

Diploma IED in Creative Advertising and Branding - Barcelona - Espanha Comentários sobre Diploma IED in Creative Advertising and Branding - Barcelona - Espanha
Diploma IED in Creative Advertising and Branding.

Three years courses - Barcelona

IED Diploma in Creative Advertising and Branding is the educational response to the challenges of a global market where companies and agencies need vanguard creative professionals with new skills and competencies to differentiate and position their brands, products and services.

The course is about bridging the gap between creativity, communication, advertising and branding to educate and form future creative professionals, able to develop, coordinate and implement innovative and highly effective interactive, international and digital communication, advertising and branding strategies that guarantee unique experiences at all customer touch points, critical for the success of any brand, product or service.

Professional outcomes: Content Developer, Digital Advertising Strategist, Interactive Brand Manager, Chief Brand Officer, Social Media Strategist, Creative Director, Concept Developer for Games, Web and Audiovisual Devices, Copywriter, Brand Consultant, etc.
  •     Credits:     180*
  •     Start date:     October 2016
  •     Language:     English

IED Diploma in Creative Advertising and Branding gives students an exciting opportunity to develop themselves in a very creative, practical, studio-like and interdisciplinary approach, together with teachers who are all practitioners, real companies and agencies during their course. This is the perfect environment to develop a clear communication methodology and create a mature portfolio to successfully enter the creative industries.

The methodology is based on “learning by doing” and fosters interdisciplinarity between the areas of design, fashion, visual communication and management for creative industries through the annual “workshop week” (open to all students) and yearly projects, as well as the opportunity to work interdisciplinarily on the thesis project. The program provides a structured core curriculum, providing incremental learning goals to the students throughout the three years, leading to the thesis or major project.

The first year of this degree is focused on acquiring basic concepts of design, culture and project methods. Students learn to dare to create and communicate.

As from the second year, the necessary technological and project managing tools are explored, to communicate simple and effective visual messages through the development of the own creativity and interdisciplinary methodological processes. Students concentrate on acquiring knowledge on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect, Apple Final Cut, etc., and apply their creativity devising corporate projects and advertising campaigns.

The third year of this degree is based on creation and application of the previously acquired knowledge to projects from real clients. Creative management attains great relevance in Project managing and as well as the capability of implementing the ideas and knowledge acquired during the previous years. Students comprehend and learn about the work environment and its complexity, and also get the opportunity of creating a good portfolio to cope with the labour market.

* The educational planning for all IED Diploma courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Diploma program has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The IED Diploma is a private degree.


    History of art
    Communication & marketing
    Image I
    Introduction to design elements
    Image II
    Advertising and branding project- project I
    Individual portfolio development
    Interdisciplinary workshop

    Media & creativity
    The consumer
    History of advertising / branding
    Image III
    Integrated project II & III
    Corporate identity & packaging project
    Editorial project
    Interdisciplinary workshop

    Brand experience & management
    Cross-media project
    Public speaking & communication techniques


Jürgen Salembacher
IED Barcelona expert in brand positioning, he has worked for brands as Coca-Cola and Louis Vuitton, and celebrities as Muhammad Ali and Paolo Coelho.

Eric Olivares
Designer, illustrator, performer and new media artista. He Works in institutions and companies doing projects of: corporate identity, illustration, poster, editorial and expensive spaces, museography, scenography, advertisement, multimedia and art direction.

Alberto Tognazzi
Director of MovilFilmFest and Mobile Cells, and consultant for the Ministry of Culture (ICAA). Net artist and creator of several on-line projects as “Es- tamos de cierre”, and coproducer of the stop-motion animation film “O Apóstolo”.

Alex Beltrán
He is one of the leaders of the studio StuffedPi- xels in Barcelona, has worked for clients such as Adidas, TMB, Seat, Volkswagen, etc., developing video and photography post-production projects. Creator of programmed audiovisual experiences for Sónar Barcelona, Design Made Korea or Lowlands. Certified Trainer of Apple Pro and other tools such as DaVinci Resolve.

Jose María Urós
He had been the head of informatics at Estudio Mariscal for more than 20 years, currently he combines his work in his own studio, Neue BCN, training on typography, design and the commer- cialization of typography through his type foundry Type-Ø-Tones.

Marc Vilarnau
Motion graphics designer, filmmaker and specialist in the production of graphics for sports events, on air elements and promos. He worked as Senior Designer at the Spanish TV Channel GolTV. Projects he recently got involved in are: Emir Camel Races in Qatar, La Cara de Granada, Liga BBVA, CBF Museum in Rio and Manos Unidas 2014 fundraising campaign. He is an expert in the following applications: After Effects, Cinema 4d, VizRT and Adobe Creative Suite.

Sebastián Armenter
Influenced by comic drawing, he studied graphic design also art. Throughout the 80s, he was influence of 'pattern painting' and the impact of graffiti and figurative impressionism, urban and casual realism,  From the 90 and on, his work changes and suffers new experiments with color, moving towards the more radical abstraction and then again the drawing is imposed and all mixes with everything, in a very visual and personal language.

Nacho Gómez
Worked in feature films in the camera crew, as an assistant director and also directed himself documentaries for a 33tv channel. He started directing TV commercials in Piramide productions. He directed over 80 TV commercials in Spain, and he has been shooting in different countries all over the world. His commercial “Cabells“ from Afanoc Foundation has received thousands of hits in Youtube and entered the shortlist in Cannes Festival.

Rory Lambert
Creative Director at various agencies like SCBF, JWT and Pavlov for clients such as BMW, Freixenet, Trident or Vodafone. Founder of MTL which provides innovative marketing solutions, advertising and sales strategy. Professor in several courses at IED Barcelona and External Course Coordinator of the Advertising program, he therefore participates in the development and monitoring of the instructional program, in addition to setting specific course content, objectives and methodology of the final project.

Anna Sodupe
Partner and Graphic Designer at Cómo Design Studio. Previously he was Senior Graphic Designer at Marnich Associates and Director of Design at SUMMA Brand Consultancy.
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