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European Master of Contemporary Photography

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Análise do Educedu

Agustin González

Agustin González

European Master of Contemporary Photography

  • Modalidade
    O Master Europeu de Fotografia Contemporânea é ministrado em Madri com aulas presenciais.
  • Duração
    A duração do curso é de 11 meses.
  • Certificado Oficial
    O IED Istituto Europeo di Design concederá aos alunos um certificado oficial após a conclusão do curso.
  • Considerações
    O Master Europeu de Fotografia Contemporânea é um curso que capacita os estudantes na área de arte fotográfica. Os alunos estudam com os melhores professores de artes visuais, aprendendo a história e a teoria da fotografia europeia. Passam a conhecer as práticas de curadoria, conservação e apresentação de fotos artísticas contemporâneas.
  • Dirigido a
    O curso é direcionado a fotógrafos com experiência profissional, bem como artistas fotográficos que querem abrir um caminho no mundo da arte. Também é interessante para profissionais da área de belas artes, comunicação audiovisual, publicidade, jornalismo, história da arte ou humanidades e todos aqueles que querem aprofundar seus conhecimentos na fotografia artística.
  • Área de atuação
    Entre as oportunidades profissionais, destacamos os ramos de: fotógrafo, artista visual, diretor de criação, professores e pesquisadores relacionados à fotografia.

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  • Conteúdo
    European Master of Contemporary Photography

    Master - Madrid

    Credits: 60
    Start date: April
    Duration: 11 months
    Attendance: part-time
    Language: English

    The European Master of Contemporary Photography is, at present, the most ambitious training proposal in the field of art photography and aims to become meeting point for artists and professionals, enriching this field in Spain.

    Practical and innovative, it is a unique programme based on the excellence of its faculty (Martin Parr, Simon Roberts, Joan Fontcuberta and Andreas Müller-Pohle, among others). It emerged on the basis of the premise that there exists a European conceptual and creative identity, which can and should be an important reference point in the fields of academia, culture and the art market. In this sense, the participation of students from a range of continents is especially interesting and enriching.

    In consequence, the European Master of Contemporary Photography is based on three main pillars:
    • International nature, with a special focus on the European realm.
    • The excellence of the faculty.
    • A focus on the production of an artistic project.



    • To become familiarized with present day photographic production, its subjects and repertoires, artistic practice, cultural value, roots in historic photography and art history, its discourses and limitations, from the perspective of important photographers and theorists.

    • To learn the main current theories on European photography.

    • To learn directly and personally from the most prestigious masters ineach area.

    • To become familiarized with curatorial practices, collectionism, conservation and ways of presentation/dissemination of contemporary artistic photography.

    • To reflect on the role of photographers in the art market, the field of European photography, the business of leisure, and the world of entertainment.

    • To experience, through a personal project, what it’s like to create an original work that is appropriate and worthy of being presented in a photography exhibition.

    • To exhibit and publish the final project in an internationally renowned prestigious center/magazine, through our European partners.

    • To break into the world of art, through the network formed by the Master’s professors and students, collaborating institutions, curators and directors.

    METHODOLOGY: We rely on three types of professors: Masters, who are major figures in the European photography scene; professors, who are international artists and theorists of renowned academic quality in the field of photography and visual arts; andtutors, who represent a new generation of photographers with academic and project experience. A fundamental element of the Master’s academics is its orientation towards personal projects and exhibition, as well as personalized assistance. Throughout the process, the close experience with professors and tutors is one of the most enriching aspects of the program.

    The program’s academics are characterized by their nature of encompassing and concretizing a subject from an initial idea, promoting research, reflection and discussion, and materializing the entire process of creating an artistic piece to be presented in a collective exhibit and catalog. As well, three students will opt to exhibit their work in one of the European centers and festivals connected with the course. Classes include the discussion of texts; projections of the authors’ images and videos; visits to exhibits and artists’ studios; and individual and group exercises.
    The importance of the personal project in the Master’s requires the participation of specialized tutors to help students develop their work in a personalized way. Technical tutoring involves large-scale, digital laboratories, analog laboratories, printing, and coaching in research and communication of the artistic process.

    FOR: Photographers with a professional career, as well as artists in the photography industry who want to break into the art world. People with degrees in Fine Arts, Audiovisual Communications, Advertising, Journalism, Art History or Humanities who want to deepen their knowledge of artistic photography. An upper intermediate level of English is required.


    • Photographer
    • Visual Artist
    • Creative Director
    • Producer
    • Art Director
    • Curator
    • Retoucher
    • Educator.

    CREDITS: *60 *The academic plan of each of the IED Master’s programs is based on criteria established in the European Higher Education Area. IED Master has adopted a credit system that follows the structure of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). IED Master issues exclusively private university degrees.

    SCHEDULE: Flexible hours as required for the workshops. Preferably from 15:00 to 18:30 h

    Language: Classes will be held in English (in the event of holding any activity in Spanish, silmutaneous translation into English will be available).

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