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  • Conteúdo
    UNIT 1
    Economic activity.
    The stages of economic activity.
    Types of economies.     
    Some basic terminology in linguistics.
    Some business-related vocabulary.     
    Main approaches to TEFL in the 20th Century.
    The Communicative Approach.
    The needs of a Business English teacher.     
    Writing a lesson plan for teaching the basic concepts of economic activity through the analysis of a case.

    UNIT 2
    Different types of companies.
    The internal organisation of a company.
    The organisation chart.
    The influence of hierarchy on language register.     
    Writing memos.
    Editing paragraphs.     
    Needs analysis. The language needs for different jobs.
    Characteristics of a language teaching service.
    Definition of the training gap for different learners.     
    Profiling learners and determining their training gap.

    UNIT 3
    Personnel or Human Resources.
    Job description.
    Performance evaluations.
    Writing a letter of rejection.
    Recognising different registers.
    The client approach.
    Course planning.
    Establishing rapport with the learners.
    Feedback and reports.
    Writing a course plan for a client, including the manner of evaluation.

    UNIT 4
    The process of production.
    The factors of production.
    Method and organisation of production.
    Job satisfaction and efficiency.     
    External communications: letters.
    More business vocabulary.     
    The syllabus: definitions.
    Different types of syllabuses.     
    Designing two syllabus units.

    UNIT 5
    Definition of Marketing.
    The components of the marketing mix: Product, placement, packaging, price.
    Advertising and promotion.
    Advertising materials.
    Increase your business vocabulary.
    Identifying materials and resources.
    How to exploit authentic materials
    Designing activities to exploit authentic materials.

    UNIT 6
    The process of planning in business.
    Identification of overall economic indicators used for planning.
    SWOT analysis.     
    External communications: personal letters on business matters.
    More business vocabulary.     
    Steps in lesson planning.
    Writing a lesson plan.     
    Writing a lesson plan, teaching the lesson and evaluating the results.

    UNIT 7
    Trading and trading documents.
    Main functions of a bank.
    Meetings and negotiations.     
    Banking terminology.
    Writing concisely.
    External communications: letters of complaint.     
    Strategic interaction.
    The design of role-play activities.
    Teaching about meetings and negotiations.     
    Designing, carrying out and evaluating a role-play activity.

    UNIT 8
    The Finance Department.
    Main concepts in finance.
    The Stock Exchange.
    How money moves.
    Presentations: practical tips.     
    Expressing concepts through graphs.
    Going from graphs to texts.
    The language of presentations.
    Finance vocabulary.     Using graphs.
    Teaching how to deliver presentations.
    Evaluating presentations.     
    Planning the presentation of a proposal for organising English courses at a company.

    UNIT 9
    Types of cultures.
    Communication across cultures.
    Creating awareness of diversity.     
    Writing business reports.     
    Reporting and giving feedback.
    Testing. Basic characteristics of tests.
    Types of tests.     
    Writing a test and analyzing it.

    UNIT 10
    Questions about the topics in Units 1 – 9
    Business vocabulary practice.     
    Troubleshooting and how you would carry it out.     
    Examination practice.

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