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Graduação em Administração

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Graduação em Administração - LaGrange - GA - Estados Unidos

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Graduação em Administração

 In order to have an educational experience in the United States without the anxiety and uncertainty about the complex processes associated with becoming a student at a North American University, you need a partner who can facilitate your introduction and matriculation at the right college or university. La Grange College is represented in Brazil by Global Education Partners, that brings to you a group of historic and full-accredited institutions that will enable you to have both an enjoyable and transformative educational and cultural experience in the United States.

New Entrepreneurship Concentration and Minor

With a view to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in our students, the entrepreneurship concentration and minor are open to students from all disciplines and majors across campus.

What does the program cover?
An entrepreneur is one who uses his or her creativity, energy and motivation to transform an idea into something financially, socially or politically successful.  Keeping in mind that entrepreneurial activities may vary from project to project, this new business concentration and minor applies the science of management to the development and management of the small business enterprise or social venture.  This program also explores the concept of entrepreneurship as a mindset, and social and political entrepreneurship.

Students have the opportunity to develop business plans for small businesses and work on special projects with businesses in the community.  The focus is on experiential learning and active participation in and out of the classroom.

What kind of career can I expect?

Business Management graduates typically receive higher starting salaries than most other degree-holders, and their capabilities tend to open a wider range of opportunities.

LaGrange grads have the knowledge and the skill sets to succeed in both the private and the public sector. They are prepared for careers in civic leadership, government and nonprofit organizations. And they have the knowledge and tools to succeed in industries and fields such as banking, human resources, retailing and business analysis.
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