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Intensive Spanish Plus Course

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Marina Cunha

Marina Cunha

Intensive Spanish Plus Course

  • Modalidade
    O Intensive Spanish Plus Course é presencial.
  • Duração
    A carga horária semanal é de 20 horas de aulas em grupos pequenos e mais 10 horas de aulas individuais.
  • Certificado Oficial
    A Expanish dá um diploma para o aluno após o fim do curso.
  • Considerações
    A Expanish Spanish School oferece cursos de espanhol para alunos de diversas nacionalidades e aproxima seus estudantes da cultura e dos costumes argentinos. Além disso, a Expanish é uma escola conectada às redes sociais e mantém um blog com informações úteis para quem quer conhecer Buenos Aires. O Intensive Spanish Plus Course é um curso que dá 20 horas de aula por semana com um pequeno grupo de alunos (no máximo 9 pessoas por turma) e mais 10 horas de aula semanais individuais. O aluno desenvolve a fluência no idioma espanhol e é estimulado a praticar para melhorar cada vez mais.
  • Dirigido a
    O Intensive Spanish Plus Course é recomendado a pessoas que querem desenvolver o domínio de espanhol rapidamente.
  • Área de atuação
    Com este curso, o profissional consegue fluência em espanhol. Essa habilidade lhe dá mais chances de se destacar em um processo seletivo.

Comentários sobre Intensive Spanish Plus Course - Presencial - Argentina - Exterior

  • Conteúdo

    Contenido :

    Intensive Spanish Plus is a program of a combination of small group Spanish classes and individual lessons for a total of 6 hours per day, 30 hours per week.   We offer all levels of Spanish classes starting every Monday, so students can begin a program at any time of the year. Students can choose to take from 1 to 20+ weeks, depending on their specific goals and schedules.


    Starting date:

    Every Monday year-round


    The group classes are 4 hours per day and have an average of 6 students to ensure a personalize experience while also practicing speaking with fellow classmates.   Students can practice conversation, engage in group activities, improve sentence structure, and maintain fluency throughout their Spanish learning.

    Intensive Spanish Plus starts in the morning at 9am until 1pm with group classes.   Then at 2pm each student will have 2 hours of individual lessons.   This combination is the best and fastest way to learn Spanish.

    We also provide two accommodation options for our students – homestays and shared apartments. A homestay allows students to live with a local family and share meals, which is the best time to practice speaking.   In a shared apartment, students would live with at least 1 roommate and possibly other students.   They would have their own bedroom and share kitchen, bathroom and other common spaces.   Expanish highly recommends one of these options as they help students have an authentic experience in Argentina .

    Here are some examples of our weekly activities:
    - City tours (of different neighborhoods)

    - Student dinners
    - Fútbol games (both playing and going to see professional games)
    - Local concerts
    - Asados (Argentine barbecue)
    - Tango shows and classes
    - Museum and exhibit visits
    - Theater and movie showings
    - Bike tours

    Facility Information:
    Our School is in a beautiful historical building just a few blocks from the famous Plaza de Mayo. The interior has been newly refurbished and is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, comfortable classrooms and spacious student common areas to facilitate the pursuit of learning while also providing a place to rest, relax and socialize.
    Some of the features of our Expanish Spanish School are:

    - Large street entrance and welcome area
    - 6 purpose built floors
    - Maturally-lit classrooms
    - Two elevators and staircase
    - Bathroom facilities on every floor
    - Student study and tutorial room with library
    - Student common room complete with sofas, computers and study area
    - Projection room for DVD/video screenings
    - E-lab with 10 computer terminals (from late 2011)
    - Wi-Fi throughout the building
    - Rooftop terrace with superb views of the city (open   late 2011)
    - Air-conditioning and central heating
    - Electronically-controlled entrance

    Faculty Information:
    Expanish Spanish School is a member of SEA (Association of Language Centers in Argentina). We follow the accredited Spanish curriculum model of the Cervantes Institute in Spain . Our teaching methods combine a variety of successful methodologies in order to ensure the most effective courses possible for our students.

    Our Spanish teachers are all native Spanish speakers. All of the Expanish staff and Spanish teachers are professional, energetic, and committed to student learning.

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