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Master in Fashion Business

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Start date: January

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Florença

Master in Fashion Business - Florença - Itália

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Análise da Educaedu

Agustin González
Master in Fashion Business
  • Modalidade

    O Master in Fashion Business é oferecido na cidade de Florença com aulas presencias.

  • Duração

    O Master tem 11 meses de duração.

  • Certificado Oficial

    Após a conclusão do curso os alunos receberão o título de Master in Fashion Business emitido pelo IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Florença.

  • Considerações

    O Master concentra-se no aprendizado completo sobre as novas tecnologias aplicadas ao design de moda. A cidade de Florença é reconhecida como o centro da indústria da moda e seus produtos. É o cenário ideal para se especializar nessa área. Os alunos usam as habilidades criativas e comunicativas para adquirir uma visão analítica e crítica do sistema da moda.

  • Dirigido a

    Esse curso é recomendado para graduados do mundo da moda, comunicação, marketing e outros profissionais com experiência no setor.

  • Área de atuação

    Ao finalizar o curso, dependendo do perfil e da experiência do aluno existe a possibilidade de trabalho em empresas de moda nas áreas de comunicação e marketing e em empresas de roupas, acessórios e calçados.

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Master in Fashion Business - Florença - Itália Comentários sobre Master in Fashion Business - Florença - Itália
Master in Fashion Business.

Master Courses - Florence

10th edition - Five are the distinctive features of a today Manager in the fashion industry: a deep knowledge of the system, an advanced brand strategy, marketing and communication competences, instinct for business development combined with an entrepreneurial vision. The Master course in Fashion Business covers all these areas, offering a perfect balance of know-hows for participants, whether they aim at working within companies or at launching and developing their own personal project. It immerses participants in the deep complexity of the fashion system and its processes. It gives theoretical and practical knowledge of brand and communication strategy. It enhances the instinct for business and the entrepreneurial vision. It shapes the professionals of tomorrow empowering their talents and boosting their skills. It gives them the whole fashion business intelligence they need to stand out in the market.

Students become professionals with a deep knowledge of the fashion system and acquire the skills to develop their own fashion project, learning how to start a business, launch a brand, approach the market with their products.

In previous editions, projects have been developed in collaboration with: Adidas, Colmar, Luisaviaroma.com, 120% lino, Emilio Cavallini, The Bridge, Archivio, Roda.

Duration: 11 months
Attendance: full-time
Language: English


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Target - This Master is aimed at graduates that have completed a degree in communication, economics, fashion design or styling, and to young professionals willing to develop a strong, solid training in fashion management.

Methodology and structure – Participants work alongside companies on real projects, experience the challenges and opportunities of the current market and develop creative solutions through exercises that include role plays and simulations. Lesson are divided as follows: lectures, integrative courses, lab activities, project development in focus areas and visiting at companies. The course ends with a final event organised by students and a Final Project. The faculty is made of professionals and helps students getting in touch with the several opportunities offered by local realities, allowing a direct link between projects and surrounding activities. The Master course is composed of different modules:
- introductory fashion related cultural area
- very specific business management and Made in Italy module
- project area aimed at working on real business cases
- Final Project is carried out by students, individually or in groups, working on a case study or a real brief given by a company.

Career opportunities - At the end of the Master, the Fashion Business Manager can work for fashion events, public relations, fashion businesses, advertisement and press offices. Students can find a job as Brand Expert, Fashion Promoter, Fashion Marketing Expert, Creative in advertising and Consultant for new media.


Cultural area:

Fashion History: The course is divided in Fashion Communication & Photography; Fashion Styles; Fashion Evolution Through Brands. A 3 modules overview on the fashion evolution through its most important social and cultural changes, approached via photography, styles and ways of dressing, and brands that contributed to evolving pop culture through their fashion statements.
Visual Communication for the Fashion Industry: The course examines the visual patterns in culture that have built our perception and our collective imagery: from fashion to movies to pop culture, passing through music and the evolution of society.
Consumer Behaviour and Analysis: This subject provides a psychological and social analysis of how consumers’ tastes have changed and how behavioural patterns are a fundamental part in every marketing and business strategy, especially in the fashion industry.
Italian Fashion System: The course provides an overview of the peculiarity of the Italian fashion system, its business models, its companies and the relationship that exists among districts, supply chains, international sceneries and local areas.

Business Management Area:

Fashion Marketing: The course moves from basics to advanced marketing practices involved in the fashion business: from small entrepreneurial companies to global firms.
Fashion Branding & Management: Students learn branding principles and how to manage brand operations in the day by day activity of the brand manager of a fashion firm.
Start Up and Business Administration Basics: Participants learn the key aspects of starting up a business and the financial tasks involved: from the idea to the business plan, from costs and profits forecasting to reality, how a fashion firm starts and what are the economical fundamental aspects to take care of.
Production Processes and Product Management: The course provides an overview of the “behind the scenes”: from design to production, what is the life of the supply chain, what happens in the selection of materials, how to calculate costs when managing the production of an item, how to set his price. The fundamental relationship between the production and the marketing effort involved in the launch of a collection.
Fashion Communication and Advertising: The subject moves from basic to advanced advertising and communication practices in fashion: an overview of the strategies, media, tasks and operations that are required to properly advertise a brand, a product, a collection.
New Media Strategies for Fashion: The course analyses social life, web, digital and other up to date strategies and how these are exploited by fashion firms to take advantage and be effective on the market. From grow hacking to viral campaigns, from Snapchat to interactive design practices.
Visual Merchandising and Retail: Innovation The course deals with retail in modern times: how contemporary fashion is (re)shaping visual merchandising strategies and how spaces are studied and designed in order to be integrated into an omnichannel purchase experience. From visual merchandising basics to advanced tactics.
Fashion Event Management: The course deals with the creation and management of a fashion event, from its very beginning to its final step: a both theoretical and practical course to explain how this area of fashion life truly works.
Trade Fairs and Shows Management: The course focuses on trade fairs: from a brief history to their role today and how to take advantage of the most relevant ones around the globe. How fashion firms are projecting, attending, managing fashion fairs and how this affects their business.

Integrative Courses and Activities:

Self-Entrepreneurship and Business Start Up: The course is open to all Master students yearning to launch their own project in the future. The engaging and interdisciplinary programme analyses best cases and the most innovative business models and star ups in fashion, design, art, food and hotellerie-restaurant-café. It is organised as a practical laboratory where students are asked to develop real business ideas. Students gain an entrepreneurial vision and approach as skills that they can spend in their future careers, whatever their profession will be.
Kaizen Team Building: This workshop, carried out together with certified trainers, teaches the Japanese Kaizen method, fostering continuous improvement, to learn facing the challenges emerging with the handling of creative projects. It covers several aspects, for time management, to the elaboration of personal portraits – with the help of Graphic Design teachers - that will function as identity cards in the campus during the whole experience.
Professional Talks: The whole pathway is enhanced by talks and meetings featuring successful professionals, renowned brand and lecturers. These experiences are aimed at presenting case histories and involving the students in broad discussions on topics related to design, fashion, food, hospitality, art, and lifestyle, with top level professionals.
Italian Language for Survival: This elective course is aimed at foreign students who are interested in getting familiar with Italian language. It can be required to apply for an internship in Italy.

Project Area:

Project Area: This area comprehends small seminars and practical courses all aimed at Learning by Doing. During this laboratorial classes, students work, in groups or alone, on real briefs given by companies or on case studies: Graphic tools (preparatory); Photo shooting and styling; New product line creation and launch; Made in Italy internationalisation case; Creative advertising: strategy and design; Trend forecasting handbook creation; Fashion writing and press release.
Final Project: Students develop a Final Project in line with course contents, typically the creation of an articulated project for a company to be held or presented during the Pitti International fashion fairs. It can be developed individually or within a small group and generally recreates the relationship between commissioner and consulting studio. The goal is to be a transition from study path to professional career. A team of professors and a dedicated tutor follows participants in the creation of their chosen subject in order to guide and maintain a high quality of academic and professional standards. The Final Project is meant to enrich the student’s portfolio that will include many of the projects produced during the entire program. Past examples include the branding and marketing campaign analysis for a brand or the launch of a brand’s product in a new market, a communication campaign analysis, production process innovation, social media strategies and the complete process of the creation of events and campaigns with companies.
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