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Master in Brand Design Management: Food, Wine and Tourism

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Barbara Borges

Barbara Borges

Master in Brand Design Management: Food, Wine and Tourism

  • Modalidade
    O curso é ministrado de maneira presencial.
  • Duração
    A duração do curso é de 11 meses.
  • Certificado Oficial
    Será outorgado um certificado oficial aos alunos aprovados.
  • Considerações
    A proposta do Master in Brand Design Management: Food, Wine and Tourism é é atender à crescente demanda por profissionais qualificados para oferecer uma nova abordagem gerencial para o setor de turismo / alimentos e bebidas na indústria de turismo / hospitalidade. A grade curricular do curso abordará importantes temas, com foco em estratégia e comunicação na construção de identidades e valores relacionados às marcas da indústria de alimentos, vinhos e turismo.
  • Dirigido a
    O curso é destinado a profissionais graduados com interesse em uma especialização na área da indústria de alimentos, vinhos e turismo
  • Área de atuação
    O aluno irá aprender a coordenar as atividades criativas em empresas do ramo de desgin de marcas.

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  • Conteúdo
    Master in Brand Design Management: Food, Wine and Tourism

    Master - Florence

    Barcelona and Florence are two of the main touristic destinations in Europe, both of them attract tourist thanks to a unique blend between art, culture and a great quality of life and hospitality.

    Nowadays launching and empower a brand in these fields needs transversal skills and an overall vision. Territoriality is not a limitation anymore but a key value for being globally recognisable. Both Tuscany and Catalunya are regions that build their branding strategies on that value and they are succeeding in it.

    Professional Opportunities - The goal of this Master is to implement and strengthen the skills required to take on strategic roles in tourism, food and wine based brands. The Master is also designed to train professionals in the construction and management of formats/services in hospitality, as well as  communication experts in Food & Wine sector.

    This Course is held also in: Barcelona  

    • Start date: February
    • Duration: 11 Months
    • Attendance: full-time
    • Language: English


    Joint Master Course - Florence and Barcelona.

    Structure and methodology - The overall aim of the course is to meet the rising demand for qualified professionals able to offer a new managerial approach to the tourism/food & beverage sector in the touristic/hospitality industry. The course’s structure, which includes a detailed curriculum based on brand design and management, prepares future innovative professionals in the fields of tourism, hospitality, food and wine services.
    The aim is to train strategy and communication experts in identity-building and values related to food, wine and tourism industry brands.
    The Master is held in Barcelona and Florence, two cities featuring a long-standing history of tourism, wine and food industry.

    Target - The Master is addressed to post-graduates from diverse majors that have a particular interest for food, wine or tourism world’s dynamics: Graduates in Marketing, Economics, Hospitality, Service or Product Design, Architecture and Branding.


    Florence module deals with the different steps of creating a brand from the analysis of contents. The participants gain expertise in the fields of brand and management for a wide range of different contests.
    Tourism industry is based upon the relation between Brand, hosts and guests which involves several variables. It is perhaps the fastest growing industry internationally and it plays an important role in local, regional and global economies. Hotels, restaurants, resorts, and conference venues, whether family or corporate run, are staffed with a wide selection of professionals brand-oriented.


    Once in Barcelona students have the chance to face new challenges connected to Service Design and Project Management. A strategic planner in this field calls for analysis’ capacity and critical thinking applied to user research to detect new business opportunities. The courses are complemented with seminars, conferences and workshops held by international specialists.



    • Marketing - Florence
    • Brand Communication - Florence
    • Events & PR: Food, Wine and Tourism - Florence
    • Design Thinking and Project Management - Barcelona
    • Service Design - Barcelona
    • Final Project

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