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Master in Business Administration for Arts and Culture

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Veneza

Master in Business Administration for Arts and Culture - Veneza - Itália

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Master in Business for Arts and Culture.

Master Courses - Venice

7 th edition - Recent developments in the world of art and culture, on one hand, saw Artists and other professionals involved in the field dealing with both the creative and the business part of their work. On the other, the idea and function of culture evolved towards a more conscious and structured public good and service, in need of professionals with an entrepreneurial approach and a focus on social awareness and sustainability .

The Master course in Business for Arts and Culture provides students with a strong theoretical and practical background that allows them to start from an idea and define an effective business plan that would make the idea work and generate valuable innovation. Thanks to specific tailor-made teachings that support classes with dedicated mentorships, participants learn how to plan and manage an artistic or cultural project in its entirety. At the end of the Master, it is possible to start a career within private and public cultural institutions, to launch a business or to plan projects for no-profits.

  • Start date: January 
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Attendance: full-time
  • Language: English

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Target - This Master course is designed for young professionals who want to achieve specific skills and competences in the field of creativity and management of cultural policy and projects. The access to the course is also open to post-graduates student with interest or experience in the arts field, cultural heritage or creative industry.

Methodology and Structure - The Master course takes students along a path that starts with the observation and understanding of different contexts and sectors and pays a specific attention on the connection between arts, culture and business. Matching together several backgrounds, students are stimulated to use lateral and design thinking to approach problems from other point of view or depart, so to foster the research of creative solutions.

It is structured in four modules.  

Module 1_Reading the context.
The first part of the Master course trains students to observe and understand different contexts and sectors, providing them with key elements of cultural economics and with concrete case studies. It offers an overview on the cultural scenarios and on the fruitful relation between arts and business, public and private actors.

Module 2_Key Elements of Project Development.

Paying a specific attention on the connection among arts, culture and business, the course moves towards analising the key elements of project cycle management, so to understand how to apply them and to develop an alternative methodology to design a project, transform an idea or intuition into a business opportunity.

Module 3_Business Plan and Project Management.

The third module teaches how to write an effective business plan for new products or cultural start-ups launch, dealing with all the necessary steps of the process.

Module 4_Project Creation.   

The last part of the course is dedicated to the elaboration of the Final Project. Starting from their personal interests, participants work on creating and designing an accurate business plan for the foundation of an enterprise or for proposing a project to a cultural institution.


Module 1:

  •     Cultural Economics
  •     Cultural Sector Overviews: a Taxonomy of Creativity
  •     Arts and Business
  •     Public Museum and Private Foundations
  •     Problem-Solving: Theory and Practice
Module 2:

  •     Arts and Culture Project Cycle Management
  •     Fundraising and Partnerships
Module 3:

  •     Arts and Culture Business Planning
  •     Arts and Culture Marketing
  •     Arts and Culture Entrepreneurship
Module 4:

  •     Entrepreneurial Experience
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