Specializing Master in Design, Creativity and Social Practice

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  • Conteúdo
    Specializing Master in Design, Creativity and Social Practice.

    Creating Value for Organizations
    II Edition


    • Identification of complex problems, needs and potentials in the social body
    • design, development and implementation of practical proposals
    • project, monitoring and assessment of social impact
    • start up of business projects

    Teaching Plan.

    The Executive Master lasts 16 months.


    Making the need for sustainability and responsibility a development opportunity for organizations.

    Through Design, which is project and construction of the future, and through Art, which is a vision, even a radical one, and connection, that is the capacity to create a system.

    The complex challenges of a social, environmental and economic nature that contemporary societies are facing, highlighted by the 2030 Agenda on the sustainable development of the United Nations, require the intervention of new professional figures able to interpret the present and propose solutions and innovative design visions. This epochal challenge is based on an individual assumption of consciousness and on the descent into the field of every organization: institutions, companies, associations, profit and non-profit sectors, consortia, committees and any other form of organized collaboration. The reorientation of organizations along the lines of responsibility and social relevance requires human resources capable of accompanying and facilitating its implementation.

    The Executive Master is dedicated to professionals who intend to bring innovation within their work environment or to open new business outlook.

    The Master addresses issues of great relevance, integrating the skills and methods of Design – that can translate expressed or latent needs into strategic visions and concrete solutions - with the ability to interpret and disrupt art to understand and face the challenges of the contemporary community, together with technical knowledge of marketing and design management. The Executive Master is carried out in collaboration with Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto which since the 1990s has trained thousands of students in the profession of facilitators of social transformation within the most diverse public and private, commercial, industrial, third sector, cultural organizations.

    Thanks to the collaboration between the Politecnico di Milano and Cittadellarte, the Executive Master provides an innovative approach that integrates techniques and approach of Design with the "sensibilities" of Art, to decline social and environmental commitment in a profession.

    The method consists of theoretical, methodological and design tools based on Design Thinking and on humanistic and social elements, as well as on Strategic Design and its applications on a territorial and social scale, on the arts of critical thought, on notions of forms of the economy and of contemporary organization, on models of inclusive and non-violent communication, on Art for social transformation.

    The Executive Master is an immersive collective experience, which takes place entirely in Biella at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, to also provide teamwork skills, making use of the collaboration of Italian and international companies and organizations in the field of social innovation and social engagement.


    To form figures capable of accompanying, facilitating, promoting the reorientation along the perspectives of sustainability and the increasingly urgent and necessary responsibility of every organization, whether private or public, commercial or non-profit.

    It provides in particular methods, tools and approaches for:

    • identification of complex problems, needs and potential expressed or latent in the social body;
    • the conception, development and implementation of practical proposals aimed at offering possible solutions;
    • the project, the monitoring and the evaluation of the social impact;
    • the launch of entrepreneurial projects with a high social and environmental impact.

    Through a radically creative approach (disruptive innovation / art) and scientifically based on the design method (design approach), as well as informed on the most advanced achievements in the context of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, the participants of the Master will be able to accompany the organizations (where they already work or where they will be located) in the process of reorientation towards sustainability and responsibility.

    The Executive Master integrates these competences with technical knowledge for the start-up and management of entrepreneurial and start-up projects with social impact.

    Job description and final assessment.

    The Executive Master is dedicated to professionals and is aimed at providing skills to identify and provide a concrete response to the needs of change and social innovation in the design of systems and services by organizations, public administrations and profit and non-profit companies aware of the fact that listening to communities and territories, social and environmental responsibility today are not only complementary business factors, but which in fact are potential competitive factors.

    Outgoing figures (communication creative, process innovation and design consultants and new services, project managers and development managers) will be characterized by specialized skills for the design and management of complex projects with a high social impact in the public and private sector.

    Employment opportunities as a responsible innovation facilitator, expert for the conception, development and management of projects that intend to act positively on the environment and the communities are numerous.

    In particular:

    as Employee:

    • in the Public Administrations, as a person in charge of Social and Environmental Development Policies, Sustainable Innovation Policies, etc .;
    • in manufacturing and service companies for internal processes of product innovation, internal reorganization, relations with the territory;
    • in multinational companies and NGOs as the most advanced and incisive CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) expert.

    as an Entrepreneur in the field of social and sustainable innovation:

    • creating new business;
    • starting its own start-up;
    • creating spin-offs with a strong creative and social vocation by existing companies or organizations.
    • introducing radical and sustainability / socially oriented innovations within its organization.

    as a Freelancer, carrying out consulting activities:

    • in the public, for agencies, local authorities and public administrations;
    • in the private sector, for companies (both creative and non-creative) on radical innovation and sustainability / socially oriented projects.

    Degree awarded.

    At the end of the course, upon passing the final exam, the first level Specializing Master's degree of the Politecnico di Milano will be awarded in “Design, Creativity and Social Practices. Creating Value for Organizations ”.


    The Executive Master lasts 16 months, with a weekend formula (from Friday to Sunday) about every three weeks, and three intensive modules (lasting 6/7 days) dedicated to workshops and / or project works.

    This formula has been designed to facilitate workers or those having other commitments at the same time.

    The Master will be held in Biella, Piedmont.

    Cittadellarte is a campus located in a large industrial complex of the late nineteenth century, along the clear Cervo stream. Studying at Cittadellarte means living in large and bright flexible spaces together with an international community of artists and social innovators who follow the multiple residential training paths. In Cittadellarte it is also possible to stay overnight, as a large number of rooms are available.

    Didactics course.

    The educational path is organized in:

    • lessons aimed at the acquisition of the basic theoretical-methodological principles, for the study of context, of the approaches of Design and Art for the social impact and for the development and implementation of projects / companies;
    • in-depth analysis of methods, tools and best practices that involve greater interaction and the development of theoretical and practical activities;
    • design and verification experiences, during which we will focus on the integration of skills and competences acquired, through the development of project work based on current issues and / or concrete requests from subjects involved in the Specializing Master.


    The Specializing Master's degree is recommended in particular to professionals or to those who are about to undertake the creation of their own company or start-up.

    Admission requirement.

    Also candidates in possession of the University Diploma or V.O. Degree, Degree or Master's Degree / Master's Degree N.O. Graduates and first level graduates in Industrial Design, Architecture, Engineering can access the Master. Moreover, even candidates coming from Economics, Political Sciences, Sociology, Philosophy, Communication Sciences, and - in general - from Art Academies.

    Candidates with qualifications obtained abroad may present equivalent qualifications in the respective study systems.

    Admission procedure.

    To take part to the selection process, the application form must be completed online within the following deadlines:

    • for Italian / foreign citizens with a qualification obtained in Italy within January 2021
    • for Extra U.E. citizens within December 2020

    Candidates will be selected by analyzing their studies and professional background, as well as the motivation letter they are asked to send. In addition, an individual interview will be held in Biella, Milan or electronically on dates to be agreed.

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