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Master in Digital Creative Business

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

Master in Digital Creative Business - Barcelona - Espanha

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Digital Creative Business

60* | Start date: March | Duration: 9 | Language: Spanish

For the last years, the Internet and new technologies implementation has changed culture, communication and business fundamentally. Digital media control the markets, generating new channels for communication and interaction. The incorporation of new electronic devices to everyday life (such as smart phones, tables, videogames) and the total adoption of the Internet as part of the media and as an exchange place have completely modified the economical paradigm and social relationships.

The current environment is dynamic, and it changes rapidly. New paradigms are emerging strongly in different fields of economy, while creative industries needed to reinvent themselves and adapt to new challenges.

In this context, success lays in generating and managing new ideas. Professional must be prepared to approach from a new point of view the innovation demanded by industries and markets from nowadays and the future.


The objective is to train professionals capable of applying all their creative potential to innovate in a constantly evolving industry from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. The course will focus on the generation, management and communication of innovative business strategies applied to digital channels and Internet, specifically in the field of creative industries.

These contents would be applied in creating new business opportunities, knowing specific tools for electronic management, communication, distribution and commercialization, through designing innovative communication plans to address the brand image and its products in electronic media. Emphasis will be placed on the management of the final user experience.

Student profile

This Master is addressed to all those professionals from the field of creative industries and communication who are interested in acquiring specific tools and methodologies for innovation, creation and management through electronic channels of products and contents. These competences can be applied to incorporate innovation to their own business as well as to boost creativity and competitiveness in the organizations they work for. Professionals from design, production, distribution, communication and marketing, but also those entrepreneurs interested in deepening their knowledge about the possibilities that digital environments can offer as sales and communication channels, are potential specialists in Digital Creative Business.

Professional opportunities

Participants will be capable of working in enterprises and organizations of different sorts, such as communication, advertising and design agencies, enterprises developing digital products, working in the following areas:

. Management of creative processes and their application in innovative business models on electronic channels.
. Creation of new tools for online communication.
. Conceptualization of new digital products.
. Creative development and online business management,
. Knowledge and creative management of brand identity on digital media.

They will acquire the necessary skills to work in multidisciplinary teams, take leadership positions and investigate in the field.

 Teaching hours and schedule

Teaching hours: 500 hours
Attendance part: 400 hours.

* The educational planning for all IED Master courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Master program has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The IED Master issues private degrees.
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