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Master in Fashion Communication and Styling

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Catarine Costa

Catarine Costa

Master in Fashion Communication and Styling

  • Modalidade
    A modalidade da Pós-graduação é presencial.
  • Duração
    A duração do Master é de aproximadamente 1 ano.
  • Certificado Oficial
    Após o final do curso os alunos receberão um certificado oficial de Master em Comunicação de Moda e Estilo.
  • Considerações
    O Master em Comunicação de Moda e Estilo, ministrado pelo IED - Milão, visa a capacitação técnica e operacional na área da gestão e marketing de moda, ligadas às especificidades da comunicação para a referida área. O curso pretende que seus alunos tenham capacidade para avaliar as necessidades do setor e definir estratégias específicas de marketing para as marcas de moda.
  • Dirigido a
    Todos os graduados nas áreas de moda, relações públicas, comunicação, marketing e design. O curso é ministrado na língua inglesa.
  • Área de atuação
    Terminada a pós-graduação os profissionais terão habilidades para produção de trabalhos envolvendo criação de imagens de moda, realização de projetos de comunicação para agências, marcas e pessoas, e também, poderão desenvolver seu potencial criativo e gestor em agências de relações públicas e empresas de organização de eventos.
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  • Conteúdo
    Fashion Communication and Styling.

    Master Courses - Milan

    19th edition - Fashion styling is today both a great opportunity and a complex challenge. Fashion Stylists and Communicators have the privilege and the responsibility to read and interpret a brand or a product respecting its identity yet pushing the boundaries, so to design a world around it and tell the most engaging story ever. The Master in Fashion Communication and Styling trains key figures who deal with the evolution of new media and the crucial role of visual communication today. They are able to embrace more aesthetics at the same time, to read how fashion matters today for society, to destroy the rules and re-write them. 

    Having a strong cultural background, students complete their training by acquiring project management skills, so as to be ready to bring value to fashion products through all the aspects of communication. They practice on three thematic projects designed to be used on digital media, creating contents such as images, videos, editorial projects and composing the outfits.  

    Duration: 1 Year
    Attendance: full-time
    Language: English


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    Target – The Master is addressed to those applicants, both Italians and foreigners, who have a good first level degree in Fashion, Communication and Marketing, as well as to young professionals with at least two years of experience in the field.

    Career opportunities - Fashion Communicators are qualified to work as Communication Managers, Image Consultants, Fashion Stylists, Researches and Trend Setters, as well as PRs. In these roles, they can find occupation in press offices, public relations agencies, event organisation companies, publishing and design departments of Italian and international fashion houses.

    Methodology and structure - The Master course is structured in complementary modules that lead from the acquisition of a solid method for project development to the actual production of three shootings and the Final Project.

    After acquiring hard skills concerning the essential historic, cultural and visual background and strong methodological tools, students analyse the functioning of the most important communication processes in fashion: from the press office activity, to fashion shows as moments to enhance visibility and assert the brand identity; from the publishing industry’s dynamics, up to the web and new media. 

    Modules related to the basic disciplinary fields improve students’ knowledge of those visual, cultural and methodological tools that help them during the development of their projects. Subjects related to the distinctive disciplinary fields include workshops, lectures and three main projects, consisting of thematic photo shootings. 

    The programme ends with a personal project that assesses the skills acquired and brings out each student’s attitudes in terms of creativity and style. The best Final Project of the year can be published and promoted on Vogue Italia through the sponsorship of Sara Sozzani Maino, Coordinator of the course.

    Facilities and Scholarships - In order to support participants in the coverage of the participation fee, IED has activated an articulated system of facilities: partial or total Scholarships on tuition fee; Early Bird are facilitations for students finalizing enrolment by given deadlines.; Financings with the possibility to pay the tuition fee by instalments thanks to agreements with mortgage companies.


    Fashion Culture:
    Objective of the course is to analyze fashion as a historic and cultural phenomenon, from the growth of the stylistic codes of the end of 20th century to the development of the so-called avant-gardes style of the 21st century. It also deals with the emerging figures and fashion weeks, the editorial and web scenario, as part of the new representation of the fashion world.

    Methodology of Project Development:
    The course explains how to manage an iconographic research in order to develop a visual project, its layout and mood boards. More specifically practise involve the use of fashion research through visual contents and images.

    Fashion Communication:
    The course uses case histories in order to develop communication skills through improving analytical and critical skills, towards the building up of a communication strategy.

    Visual Language:
    This course provides an overview of the contaminations existing among art, fashion, illustration, costume, ballet, music and literature. The main objective is empowering students to develop their ability to better understand the roots and the contemporary growth of the visual language, mainly on fashion.

    Publishing Companies and Writing on Fashion:
    The main objectives of this course are to make students know the history of fashion publishing companies from printed paper to web magazines and to understand the structure of a fashion magazine, the differences in contents, graphics and target among fashion magazines though the analysis of the main European and American publishing companies. Fashion Journalism: how to write an article on style and fashion, its characteristics and details. Part of the course will allow students to experiment practical composing.

    Press Office and Fashion Events:
    Analysis of the various working methodologies and the different roles in a press office / Actions and goals in a public relations office / Press office and fashion parades / Working projects and functions in connection with the different sectors in the fashion business: haute couture, prét-à-porter, streetwear, young fashion / Intensive, selective and exclusive distribution. Fashion Journalism: how to write an article on style and fashion, its characteristics and details. Part of the course will allow students to experiment practical composing.

    Photo Set:
    How to act on a photo set: basic photographic and lighting techniques as important tools to express and communicate during editorials and adv campaigns.

    Styling & Shooting Still Life:
    How to compose a still life photo / Which objects are more photogenic / Different styles of still-life / Working with a photographer.

    Styling & Shooting Womenswear:
    How to build a women’s fashion photo-shooting / How to find a fashion idea / How to choose the garments and prepare a female outfit / A photo-shooting practical lab.

    Styling & Shooting Menswear:
    How to build a men’s fashion photo-shooting / How to find a fashion idea / How to choose the garments and prepare a male outfit / A photo-shooting practical lab.

    History Of Fashion Photography:
    The course deals with the greatest fashion photographers and their impact on aesthetic ideals, their techniques and style of composition, influences and connections with the art world.

    Presentation Techniques:
    Video Tech / Visual Presentation.

    Final Project:
    The Final Project is developed in response to a client’s real brief and involves the student’s conceptualization skills and creativity; the objective is to look for a solution that solves tomorrow’s problems, not just today’s.

    Vocational Guidance:
    The program helps students to focus on their career objectives as well as to enhance their own self-presentation skills by giving them all the support to create their curriculum with tips about how to behave during a professional interview.

    Presentation Techniques: 
    Prepare, design and delivery the presentation: what's the purpose? Who is it addressed to? By helping the students to improve their body-language, self-confidence and positive attitude, this course provides all the knowledge necessary to deliver an effective oral presentation.

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