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Master in Fashion Marketing - From Strategy to Branding

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Catarine Costa

Catarine Costa

Master in Fashion Marketing - From Strategy to Branding

  • Modalidade
    O Master é oferecido na forma presencial pelo IED.
  • Duração
    O curso tem duração média de 1 ano.
  • Certificado Oficial
    Ao finalizar o curso os alunos recebem um diploma oficial emitido pelo IED Istituto Europeo di Design em Milão.
  • Considerações
    O objetivo do Master em Marketing de Moda - Da Estratégia ao Branding, realizado pelo IED Istituto Europeo di Design, é capacitar os alunos para analisar e planejar a presença das marcas nas plataformas digitais voltadas para a moda. Os estudantes ampliarão seus conhecimentos teóricos sobre o marketing digital, focalizando em aspectos e estratégias de posicionamento e gestão de marca atendendo as necessidades do consumidor.
  • Dirigido a
    O Master é indicado para licenciados nas áreas de marketing, publicidade, design e áreas afins, de preferência atuantes na indústria da moda. O curso é oferecido em inglês.
  • Área de atuação
    Ao terminar o curso os estudantes do Master poderão abordar diversos ramos da moda: criação e gestão de marcas no mercado contemporâneo, produção de moda, elaboração de coleções com foco no mercado, brand management, marketing corporativo e desenvolvimento de negócios.

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  • Conteúdo
    Fashion Marketing - From Strategy to Branding.

    Master Courses - Milan

    19th edition - The Master in Fashion Marketing - From Strategy to Branding trains professionals able to face the new challenges of a world in rapid and constant evolution. In particular, the course covers the study of the most important aspects of fashion marketing management, the communication techniques - focusing on aspects of positioning strategies and brand management - the identity and consumer needs without neglecting the analysis of digital media.
    The course is based on a creative approach to develop innovative thinking and experimenting new strategies in the area.

    Career opportunities - Graduate students can approach different fashion segments: Brand Management, Corporate Marketing, Business Development, Distribution and Retailing as well as counseling and communication agencies.

    Duration: 1 Year
    Attendance: full-time
    Language: English


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    Target - The course is designed for Italian and international graduates in Fashion, Communication and Marketing, as well as young professionals with at least two years of experience in the field.

    Methodology and structure - The Master course is structured in complementary units dealing with planning and marketing management. The focus the study of processes and methodologies for an effective testing of Marketing and Branding strategies in the fashion industry.

    The study pathway provides students with traditional classroom lectures and thematic discussions for the acquisition of established theories and methods. Furthermore, it includes laboratory and experimental design activities engaging students through business projects, workshops, tutorials, case studies, use of techniques, role plays, and reverse mentoring.

    Fashion industry is investigated as a historical and cultural phenomenon, from the development of the stylistic codes of the late 20th century to the emergence of the avant-garde style of the 21th century. Students analyse emerging talents, fashion weeks, communication through drafting paper or the web.
    Students approach fashion business, including manufacturing and cultural features, and explore the interactions in the fashion industry. They learn to prepare a marketing plan, to position, promote and strengthen the brand by creating an identity with a distinctive role in the fashion market.

    During the module dedicated to communication, students strengthen their analytical and critical skills, in order to develop a communication strategy, while in the design management module they acquire an approach that blends design with management and the learn how to apply it to a  marketing strategy.
    The Master course ends with the presentation of a Final Project summarising the competences that students gained during the course.

    Facilities and Scholarships - In order to support participants in the coverage of the participation fee, IED has activated an articulated system of facilities: partial or total Scholarships on tuition fee; Early Bird are facilitations for students finalizing enrolment by given deadlines.; Financings with the possibility to pay the tuition fee by instalments thanks to agreements with mortgage companies.


    Fashion System: Goal of the course is to make students understand the value of the creation process in the fashion system. The course will put emphasis on the hybrid nature of the fashion business between manufacturing and cultural industry and on role of interactions and linkages within the fashion system among competences, activities and companies.

    Project Management and Workshop Innovation: Covering each stage of project management, with particular focus on the specifics of the fashion sector (conceptualization – planning – execution – termination), it teaches the possibility to identify the basic properties of projects (including their definition) and the ability to identify the relevant maturity stages that organizations goes through, becoming proficient in the use of all the techniques.

    Fashion Marketing: Market segmentation, demand segmentation: the different market segments, analysis of the critical factors of success / The segmentation of the demand according to behaviours or lifestyles / From the definition up to the launch of the product: the different steps in developing the fashion marketing mix and the marketing plan.

    Fashion Brand Management: Creation, management and development of the fashion brand / Linkages among marketing, customer satisfaction, brand and branding from a “whole mind” perspective / The role of an effective brand storytelling / How to position, communicate and strengthen the company brand by creating a distinctive brand identity.

    Fashion Communication: This course aims to give students the knowledge on the communication theories, their application within the fashion system and the ability to build a communication strategy within this industry, improving analytical and critical skills.

    Fashion Targeting: Fashion targeting is a refined and keen activity grounded on the skilful combination of different basic and advanced techniques. An ever-evolving competence that has to be learnt and trained thoroughly in order to address a specific consumer in the crowed fashion panorama.

    Digital Media Marketing: How the digital revolution is affecting the way companies research, design and sell / The impact on Fashion and Luxury brands marketing / How strategies can comprise web and digital and how this tendency is transforming companies in “Social Enterprises”.

    Fashion Design Management: The course provides student with an understanding of the relationship between design and management and its importance within an organization and its marketing strategy. It explains how design management can relate to the cultural, environmental, political and social impact of an enterprise.

    Fashion Sociology and Trends: The complexity of a global market fed by local ideas and initiatives is growing, making forecasting really challenging. The course deals with the analysis of the changes inside society and the study of the sales processes in order to listen to people’s wishes and change direction if needed.

    Fashion Culture: The course tells about contemporary fashion through ideas, thoughts and works of the icons who influenced the history of modern costume, and those “new” names who are going to write the future of fashion.

    Vocational Guidance: The program helps students to focus on their career objectives as well as to enhance their own self-presentation skills by giving them all the support to create their curriculum with tips about how to behave during a professional interview. 

    Presentation Techniques: Prepare, design and delivery the presentation: what's the purpose? Who is it addressed to? By helping the students to improve their body-language, self-confidence and positive attitude, this course provides all the knowledge necessary to deliver an effective oral presentation.

    Visual Language: This course provides an overview of the contaminations existing among art, fashion, illustration, costume, ballet, music and literature. The main objective is empowering students to develop their ability to better understand the roots and the contemporary growth of the visual language, mainly on fashion.

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