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Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Florença

Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media - Florença - Itália

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Análise da Educaedu

Agustin González
Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media
  • Modalidade

    El Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media se cursa presencialmente en la ciudad de Florencia.

  • Duração

    El tiempo de estudio es de 10 meses.

  • Certificado Oficial

    El graduado recibe IED Istituto Europeo di Design el título de Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media.

  • Considerações

    El Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media brinda una enseñanza integrada sobre las herramientas utilizadas en los nuevos medios de comunicación en el campo de la comunicación visual y el diseño. Se forman profesionales capaces de desenvolverse en un ámbito dinámico orientado a los nuevos formatos digitales. El plan de estudio aborda temas como historia del diseño y la comunicación; técnicas aplicadas al color, tipografía, proceso creativo, manejo de programas de diseño, publicidad y marketing.

  • Dirigido a

    El máster está dirigido a profesionales de diseño gráfico, arquitectura, diseño, arte, publicidad. Que tengan experiencia en áreas de management, comunicación, marketing, relaciones públicas o comunicación visual.

  • Área de atuação

    Podrá trabajar en el departamento creativo, de comunicación, artístico en agencias de diseño gráfico, publicidad, comunicación.

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Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media - Florença - Itália Comentários sobre Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media - Florença - Itália
Master in Graphic Design - Focus on New Media

Master - Florence

The Master in Graphic Design integrates the knowledge of the tools and technologies, the project culture and methodology with a sensibility towards Visual Communication and its representations.

Particular attention is given to the new media and to the new frontiers of web communication, in order to create professional figures capable of acting within an evolving scenario.

The Graphic Designer figure, today, is particularly dynamic; being not only an expert in Visual Languages, but also a director of Communication Strategies based on the sign that is expressed on physical support in both real locations and virtual environments.

Career opportunities - The Graphic Designer works in advertisement and communication companies, web agencies, publishing houses or as a freelancer in his own facility ; he is able to interact with multiple clients in different fields thanks to a developed versatility. This professional figure, in fact, has the necessary tools to keep updated and anticipate the times, offering innovative solutions to his clients.

  • Duration: 10 months
  • Attendance: full-time
  • Language: English


Target - The Master is tailored for graduates or professionals in graphic, architecture, design, fine arts and advertising. Participants with a professional (two years minimum) experience in the fields of management, communication, marketing, public relations or visual communications (graphic, product, interior, advertising, photography, web or social) are also welcome.

Methodology and structure - The Master has a complete and articulate program thanks to a balanced didactic structure, organized in three main areas: cultural, tools and techniques and project.

The cultural area's main objectives include the acquisition of notions and an effective method of communication of several types of projects. This area includes lectures, classes, workshops and individual studies.
Tools and techniques area aims at the application of graphic design in diverse contexts with particular attention to developing areas (video, social communication, mobile UI/UX, interface design and digital publishing).
The project area is mainly practical and strategic and aims at the complete management of a communication project in all of its phases in collaboration with companies or other external partners.

Lessons and classes are all structured as working briefs and workshops. Participants work on the basis of real briefs which are inserted from the start in a context that reconstructs the dynamics of working companies and studio in multiple contexts such as communication studios, companies or visual departments within institutions. Professors are selected from experts and professionals in the respective fields of teaching. 

In the last editions the Master hosted some exceptional guest speakers such as:

David Moretti - Art Director WIRED Magazine
Marco Cendron - Creative Director with previous collaborations for Mondadori / ROLLING STONE Italy / GQ Italy
Riccardo Luna - Innovation Editor for the newspapaer La Repubblica


Cultural area:

  • History of Design and Communication
  • Sociology and Ethics in Communication
  • Visual Communication
  • Marketing and Public Speaking
  • Account Management & Professional Development

Techniques and tools

  • Color & Print
  • Typography & Type Direction
  • Adobe Creative Suite - Advanced
  • Media Design

Project area

  • Creative Process
  • Illustration
  • Corporate Identity and Coordinate Image
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Advertising
  • Publishing Design
  • Packaging and Merchandising
  • Final Project
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