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Master in Hospitality Design & Management Strategies For Tourism, Food and Wine

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Agustin González

Agustin González

Master in Hospitality Design & Management Strategies For Tourism, Food and Wine

  • Modalidade
    O Master em Hospitality Design & Management Strategies For Tourism, Food and Wine é ministrado na cidade de Florença no IED Istituto Europeo di Design na modalidade presencial.
  • Duração
    O Master tem uma duração mínima de 12 meses em período integral .
  • Certificado Oficial
    Após finalizar o curso os alunos receberão um diploma oficial emitido pela instituição.
  • Considerações
    Com o Master em Hospitality Design & Management Strategies For Tourism, Food and Wine os alunos adquirem conhecimentos e habilidades na área de planejamento estratégico, branding e comunicação comercial no setor de hospitalidade e gastronomia. Os estudantes aprendem sobre marketing digital e mídias sociais. O programa é inspirado na tradição da Toscana para atividades de hospitalidade, sendo uma região muito visitada e de pleno turismo.
  • Dirigido a
    O Master é indicado para graduados em administração, hospitalidade, comunicação, marketing e carreiras relacionadas. Para aqueles que se interessam pela culinária, pela enófila e pelo mundo do turismo.
  • Área de atuação
    Terminado o curso os alunos poderão trabalhar em centros hoteleiros, agências de viagens e turismo, em redes de restaurantes e bares de vinhos, nas áreas de gestão, planejamento, comunicação e marketing.

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  • Conteúdo
    Master in Hospitality Design & Management Strategies For Tourism, Food and Wine

    Start date
    : April 2015
    Duration: 12 months - Full Time
    Language: English

    Tuscany, Italy is an expansive landscape filled with tradition, nature and potential.

    The Master in Hospitality Design and Management has the specific training objectives of gathering and learning from this local potential in order to effectively develop professional skills for participants who want to become experts of Strategic Planning, Branding, or Communication Management for businesses in the fields of Hospitality, Food, and Beverages.
    This Master is inspired by the best practices of Tuscan traditional hospitalities and the influential central locations for high-frequent tourism such as Florence, Siena, Pisa, and the Chianti area. Tuscany is such a popular attraction for tourism that flourishing businesses have developed an effective system to deal with the high-demand for innovative yet traditional Tuscan qualities.


    The Master is open to post-graduates from diverse majors who are particularly interested in Food, Wine and Tourist world’s dynamics. This includes graduates in Management, Hospitality, Communication, Marketing and Service Design, students with an associate degree in related fields such as Branding or Communication, as well as candidates who have significant professional experience in the field. The program is also open to further candidates interested in deepening their knowledge of Tourist attractions, enhancing Local Resources, Brand or Project Management and Public Relations


    The new campus located in Florence is the perfect place to grant easy access to participants who wish to explore the different elements of Tuscany and Italy.
    The Master program offers plenty of eye-opening company contacts as well as continuous experiences. Examples are: Lucca’s Traditional cake Buccellato,Siena’s famous Cavallucci cookies, the finest red wine companies of the entire Chianti area, Reggello’s famous city-made olive oil, up to Florence’s hotels and Tuscany’s famous luxury Agritourisms.

    Taking inspiration from the Made in Tuscany method, as well as the most significant case histories, the program has been structured in macro-areas focused on topics such as Production and Product Processes, Service Industry, Marketing and Communication.

    The notions acquired will allow participants to operate in all aspects related to the strategic fields of Hospitality, gaining specific knowledge in:
    - Brand management;
    - New product launch;
    - Innovative services for hospitality, accomodation and catering;
    - Event organization for cultural, touristic and economic purposes;
    - Updating and implementing internationalization processes;
    - Public Relations and Digital Communication management.

    Educational Methodology

    The didactic methods used include in-class lectures, seminars with industry professionals, didactic projects developed through the modules and workshops. Through this strategic approach to he aforementioned fields, the participants will be able to create, develop, define and lead projects regarding the launch and development of structures intended for the fields of Hospitality, Food and Beverage while enhancing local resources.

    The Master program is developed in three distinct but connected macro-areas: Design and Management, Brand Management and Web Marketing & Social Media.


    Design & Management Area:

    Project Management
    Study of the elements of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. Any project is thought of as a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning which is structured and managed to meet unique goals and objectives. These objectives are typically meant to bring about beneficial changes or added value to the project commissioner or client.

    Design Thinking
    Design Thinking is generally considered to be the ability to combine empathy to the context of a problem, creativity to problem solving skills, and rationality to the analysis of the specific context. Design Thinking has become part of the popular lexicon in contemporary design and engineering practice, as well as business and management as it can provide new perspectives to age-old issues.

    Concept & Strategic Design
    The Made in Italy model and the study of design, product and services: from metaprojects to the strategic proposal techniques to the final client.

    Ho.Re.Ca. Experience Design
    Food innovation and traditional approach: Sinestesia, mood & lifestyle of Ho.Re.Ca (Hotel/ Restaurant catering/ cafè ). Storytelling and Brand Experience: the construction of the product, packaging and services proposed to the Target

    Brand Management Area:

    Tourist Marketing (Territorial Marketing)
    The study of Food and Wine tourism as a strategic element of business and culture. Involving the study of key areas of tourist attraction including: Sport, Food, Culture, Art, Design, Music, Literature, Museums, Exhibits, Fairs, Free time, Nature, Landscapes, Vacation, Sea, Mountain, City, Countryside, Agritourism, Relais Chateaux, SPA, Relax, Theme parks.

    Brand Management and Communication: Brand Analysis
    Deals with monitoring existing brands and obtaining and processing information on how these brands are perceived, the values they represent and the relationships between brand, client and desired target

    Brand Management and Communication: Brand Identity
    Studies the “external expressions” of a brand including its name and its visual image. Brand identity is a fundamental tool as it allows consumers to identify and differentiate brands from their competitors.

    Brand Management and Communication: Brand Strategy
    Studies the brand development process (including pricing and distribution) from the birth of the brand to the implementation of the commercial strategies devised to reach prefixed goals.

    Brand Management and Communication: Brand positioning
    The study of the Marketing system and related strategies to correctly position brands on the mental map of potential clients.

    Brand Management and Communication: Brand Experience building
    The study of a brand’s ability to generate gratifying expectations. The capacity to translate the brand’s ideals and cultural values (and symbols and vocations), into commercial opportunities apt at communicating emotional content.

    Brand Management and Communication: Personal Branding
    Study of the process through which a company or an individual are characterized and identifyable. The creation of an image that reflects a clear mission, value and communication style. Public Relations in the field of Hospitality, Food & Wine Analysis of “Brand Reputation” and of its increase through the creation of consensus amongst the public.


    Ilaria Legato - Coordinator
    Paolo Barichella - Coordinator
    Ivano Bencini
    Alberto Capatti
    Nadia MolinLuigi Morva
    Ilaria Legato - Coordinator

    Ilaria Legato is Director of IED Management Lab Rome, as well as an expert in Event Management and Public Relations for the Food & Beverage sector. She deals with the analysis, creation and implementation of communication strategies for the Hospitality world of several Italian companies. Ilaria also teaches Food and Beverage Communication.

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