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Master in Interior Design for Luxury Living

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Roma

Master in Interior Design for Luxury Living - Itália

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Julia Moreira
Master in Interior Design for Luxury Living
  • Modalidade

    A pós-graduação em Design de Interiores de Luxo é oferecida na modalidade presencial, na cidade de Roma.

  • Duração

    A duração do curso deve ser consultada na instituição.

  • Certificado Oficial

    O estudante receberá um diploma de pós-graduação expedido pelo IED Istituto Europeo di Design, após concluir o programa.

  • Considerações

    A pós-graduação em Design de Interiores de Luxo é um programa que tem como objetivo transmitir a evolução e as expectativas da excelência do design italiano, desde a casa até as áreas de hospitalidade e cultura através de pesquisas, experiências e ferramentas.
    Os alunos aprofundarão seus conhecimentos em acabamentos, materiais, entre outros e desenvolverão uma visão mais ampla dos processos de planejamento e realização.

  • Dirigido a

    O programa do curso é dirigido a profissionais formados com diploma de honra ou profissionais já atuantes e interessados no ramo profissional de Design de Luxo.

  • Área de atuação

    Os pós-graduados serão especialistas em Design de Interiores de Luxo e serão capazes de desenvolver e gerenciar projetos na área da arquitetura e design, podendo atuar como freelancer, consultores, abrir seu próprio negócio ou atuar em empresas especializadas no mundo do luxo.

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Master in Interior Design for Luxury Living.

Start Date: March 2017   Language: English

The Master in Luxury Interior Design enables participants to develop complex and sophisticated projects for Furniture, Hospitality (SPA Hotel & Resort), Exhibition areas, reinterpreting the classic skills of the tradition of Italian design and craftwork excellence with the highest and most advanced technological expertise. Luxury Interior Designers are called on to analyse real situations, contextualize and relate them to the Luxury sector as well as to develop strong skills such as leadership and teamwork, sense of initiative and creativity, development and communication of ideas and projects through the media and visual communication. They become experts in positioning a brand or advising private clients in the complex world of Luxury and know the trends and quality materials for the interior design.

Career opportunities: At the end of the Master, the Luxury Interior Designer can work as a freelance by opening his own professional studio, or as an employee in Luxury related companies (homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants, exhibition spaces, spas, yachts) or communication agencies.


Entry Requirements: The Master in Luxury Interior Design welcomes applications from students with an Honours Degree and designers operating in the sector who feel the need to improve and / or update their skills according to contemporary approaches of research and design in the specific field of Luxury.

Structure and Methodology: The Italian know-how results from a complex cultural stratification, able to integrate and renew the heritage of the classical style, renaissance, baroque and avant-garde, not only by synthesizing original design forms, but also leading them towards consistent individual and social behaviours.

The objective of the Master in Luxury Interior Design is transmitting the evolution and expectations of Italian design excellence, from the house to the areas of hospitality and culture. The Italian living landscape is analysed in its narrative ability, grafting into memory the projection of a future of crafted interior dimensions, able to integrate the complexity of the environment with the needs of the client.

The pathway of study focuses on on the concept of Common Luxury Good in evolution, able to create new living environments, hospitality and entertainment areas, where the Italian style, even in comparison with other cultures, is enriched with new codes and languages without losing their identity.

The Master's programme is structured as an itinerary of research, with design experiences providing the tools to understand how to work and meditate on the meaning of their own work. To achieve these results, participants are encouraged to apply the operative knowledge acquired with an autonomous capacity to critically process and explore individual poetics with the elaboration of a personal expressive language.

The Course introduces participants to the reception and interpretation of the needs of the client. They learn to develop the ability of design direction, in order to integrate project choices that affect a space or a service in a broader vision of the planning and realization processes.

The Goal is focusing on a strategic plan including all tangible and intangible aspects (function, communication, service, identity, relationships) that perfectly meet customers’ expectations and market needs.

The theoretical lessons integrate aesthetics, anthropology, living culture, the history of interior design and design furniture.

There will be seminars of Interior Design on several themes including housing, retail, hospitality (hotels, resorts, spa) catering (bars, restaurants) for special luxury spaces (yachts, cellars, exhibition areas).

Through the project communication, participants acquire the tools for visual communication and marketing strategies, and learn about contracts and schedules for cost control.

The Master culminates with a Final Project realized on a chosen topic among seminars and presented in a personal portfolio, aimed at checking the skills acquired.

  • Interior Design Seminars
1. Housing
2. Retail
3. Hospitality (hotels, resorts, Spas)
4. Catering (cafés, restaurants)
5. Special luxury venues (yachts, wine cellars, exhibition spaces)

  • Theory Classes
History and Theory
Aesthetics, Culture of Living, Anthropology
Interior Design History
Furniture Design History

  • Research
Design Trends
Materials and Finishes
Lighting Design
Design of Soft Sensorial Quality (Ambient Sound Design, Fragrances, Colours)
New technologies and interior design

  • Strategy
Brief analysis
Visual Communication of the design proposal
Marketing strategies: Pitching projects
Understanding contracts, site sequencing and cost control.

  • Final thesis
The thesis is the final stage of the course. Students will be asked to research a theme highlighted during the course seminars; they will be guided and encouraged by a mentor of their choice from the Masters’ academic body and corporate leaders.
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