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Master in Interior Design

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

Master in Interior Design - Barcelona - Espanha

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Análise da Educaedu

Agustin González
Master in Interior Design
  • Modalidade

    O Master in Interior Design é ministrado de forma presencial na cidade de Barcelona.

  • Duração

    O curso de Master in Interior Design tem uma carga horaria de 500 horas.

  • Certificado Oficial

    O IED Istituto Europeo di Design confere ao aluno diploma oficial de Master in Interior Design.

  • Considerações

    O Master in Interior Design oferece uma visão mais completa sobre o design de espaços comerciais, com base na aprendizagem multidisciplinar dos fundamentos do design, decoração, varejo e merchandising visual. Os alunos serão especialistas em gerenciamento de projetos e nas tendências e inovações do mercado de design de interiores.

  • Dirigido a

    Destinado a profissionais com pelo menos dois anos de experiência em áreas relacionadas ao design de interiores, design industrial e arquitetura. Também para profissionais de outros setores não necessariamente relacionados, mas que tenham noções básicas de design.

  • Área de atuação

    Ao concluir o curso os alunos poderão trabalhar em design de interiores de espaços comerciais, no design de eventos corporativos, na criação de espaços comerciais de moda, projetos para hotéis e catering.

Master in Interior Design - Barcelona - Espanha Comentários sobre Master in Interior Design - Barcelona - Espanha

Start date: November 2013 | Duration: 500 hours | Language: Spanish

The Master in Interior Design has been conceived to satisfy the needs of a large group of professionals who, after finishing their studies in different disciplines related to the world of design and architecture, want to complete their training in commercial spaces design.

During the course, work will be in a multidisciplinary manner, so designers will have to work with different tools to interpret the commercial needs of a brand, always from design viewpoint.


This course is planned in way that, taught by renowned working professionals, subject can complete students’ education, offering them firsthand the whole set of intervening disciplines in commercial design. By taking this course, students will redefine their previous knowledge, aiming to proper techniques in retail, visual merchandising, feasibility studies, and all those areas involved in an interior design project. By this, students will complete this course understanding which aspects they must consider during project conceptualization, as well as professionals that they may need to work with when starting projects related with interior design. Aspects as sustainability, project management, architectural critique or lighting, will be a part of the project, giving it a polyhedral view of contemporary commercial reality.

The most adequate methodology is to advocate for fostering theoretical knowledge while practicing. By this method, working mechanism will be active necessarily, and applied to professional reality, without leaving out the freedom of creation, experimentation and hypothesis. Each project will be conceptually supported, but at the end its conclusions will be carried out with its economic and constructive consequences. This method will permit to do not leave anything behind during the working process of the project, obtaining a highly cohesionate theoretical and practical result.

Students Profile
This Master is aimed to professionals with at least two years of experience, graduated in disciplines related to design, such as architecture, interior design or industrial design, who want to acquire the necessary tools to undertake an interior design project, effectively and in an ever more competitive and changing market context.
It is also open to professionals from other fields not purely related to design, but in those cases, students must consider to achieve, on their own, the necessary knowledge about spatial design, concept elaboration on projects and working with contemporary graphic representation tools. In those cases, students’ possibilities of success will depend on their empirical training process and their autodidactic skills.

Professional Opportunities
The study plan is oriented to training professionals with aptitudes as designers who can develop their professional career in commercial interior design, comprehending that design starts from the conformation process of the business project, to the design development and its implementation. From this point of view, students will complete the course being capable of proposing new commercial sustainable and innovative spaces by companies’ viewpoint, and endorsed by feasibility studies that they will be exercising during the course. Designers’ competences will be fostered, providing students a complete training to undertake any type of projects related to commercial world.
Students will be prepared to bring added value in multidisciplinary teams, architecture and design studios, and also independently, founding an innovative business or their own studio.

Some fields of application in the commercial interior design field are:

. Management and definition of a brand image
. Window dressing
. Design of corporative events
. Creation of a fashion commercial space and for any kind of product
. Projects for catering and hotels

Each Master is assessed by a specialist in the area, who has an active role in the studies plan development and contents in collaboration with the didactics department of the Master Area. The coordinator also supports the incorporation of specific teachers of the sector, as well as the relationships with enterprises and institutions from the knowledge area of the course..

External Reference
Nacho Toribio and Carmelo Zappulla are managers and founding members of the architecture and design studio External Reference, established in Barcelona and devoted to investigation and architectonic, urban and landscape design. They have participated and won several competitions, and they have developed many architectural and urban projects in Spain, Italy, Russia and United Kingdom. They have a long and articulated academic experience, developed at IED Barcelona, UIC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya), NABA in Milan and at Elisava.

Teaching hours
: 500 hours
Teaching creadits 1 : 60
1 Didactics planning for all IED Master courses is ruled by criteria defined by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). IED Master adopts a credit system which maintains the structure of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). IED Master solely issues schools’ private titles.

Timetable: Monday – Thursday, from 18.30 to 22.30. There will be lessons some Fridays.
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