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Master in Management of Tourism Destinations

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Master in Management of Tourism Destinations - Milão - Itália

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Master in Management of Tourism Destinations.

The world of tourism has a highly occupational capacity that is able to keep high standards of permanent employment even during crisis periods, thanks to the peculiar mobility and flexibility in this field. In order to permanently attract travellers, tourist destinations must be constantly analysed and studied, to offer the tourists the attractions of a territory in balance with the social context. The professional figures working in this field must be highly qualified to manage and face development, planning and marketing and must be able to organize the integrated tourist development in an innovative way.


Provide the students with a deeply knowledge of tourism trough the analysis of the economic, management and organisation aspects.
They will be given the right tools and methods to transform a tourist destination into a competitive product for the international market in order to sell it successfully.


250 hs


2 sessions per year


At Tour Operators, Travel Agencies of Incoming, Tourism Organisation, National Tourist Board, Public DepartmentS and Travel Agencies ,from three to six months.

Professional openings:

Manager Assistant in the following departments : Programming, Marketing, Communication in Tour Operators, National Boards of Tourism, Incentive Agencies.


We require a degree or the enrolment in the third year of university or high school diploma with experience in the field.

Enrolment conditions:

The screening and the recruitment of the candidates will be based on the C.V., a written English test, a questionnaire and an individual interview.

The program of studies includes the following subjects:
  • Team Building
  • Tourismo Marketing
  • Web Marketing
  • Tourism Geography
  • Management of Tourist Destinations
  • Economy of Transport
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Communication Techniques
  • Booking Reservation System
  • Human Resources Management
  • Project Work
  • Seminars and Cases History

Cost: € 4.500,00 per year

High Percentage of Job Placement for Courses and Master's Degree in Tourism.

With the courses and Master's Degree, students have a real opportunity to work at the end of their study programme and internship. UET reports a very high post-course job placement, which depending on the sector, is between 75% and 82%. Our students' job placements take place in both Italy and abroad.
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