Master in Sustainable Fashion Design

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Catarine Costa

Catarine Costa

Master in Sustainable Fashion Design

  • Modalidade
    A modalidade do Master em Design de Moda Sustentável é presencial, ministrado em Milão.
  • Duração
    A Pós oferecida pela Accademia del Lusso, terá a duração de 1 ano.
  • Certificado Oficial
    Ao final do curso será emitido um certificado de conclusão oficial pela Instituição.
  • Considerações
    O objetivo geral do Master em Design de Moda Sustentável é qualificar profissionais que atuam na área do design de moda, visando uma prática consciente e criativa para refletir sobre o processo de produção e gestão, articulando formas para um melhor desenvolvimento, através de módulos altamente especializados que permitirão os participantes desempenhar funções de alto perfil em empresas de moda e luxo no mundo inteiro.
  • Dirigido a
    A Pós-graduação foi desenvolvida para profissionais graduados em moda que querem alcançar melhores espaços no mercado de trabalho, dentro do universo da moda ética e de produtos sustentáveis.
  • Área de atuação
    Ao concluir o Master em Design de Moda Sustentável os participantes poderão atuar em grandes empresas que já criaram departamentos específicos para atender a demanda, no universo da moda de produtos sustentáveis.
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  • Conteúdo
    Master in Sustainable Fashion Design


    60 CFU credits

    DURATION: 1 academic year
    ATTENDANCE: Full-time
    LANGUAGE: English
    CLASS SIZE: Limited class size
    LOCATION: Milan


    The Master’s course in Sustainable Fashion Design is a visionary course which provides a thorough grounding in fashion design knowledge whilst also teaching an extensive range of specialist fashion design techniques: all within the realm of ethical fashion and sustainable products.

    Essential processes such as production and industrialisation are examined, as well as specific fashion design activities such as collection planning (including for bags and accessories), ensuring an ethical procedure at all stages. The course also provides highly specialising skills in textile design and fabric finishing, with focussed workshops and projects that reflect the reality of the professional world.

    The programme covers management of all stages in fashion production, including the brief, trends and target definition, research, selection of materials, creation of the merchandising plan, development and creation of the prototype (using 3D printers), costing, and sampling.

    The course is taught by fashion design experts and leaders in the industry, who provide stimulating content that is up to date with the world of work. Seminars, practical workshops, and meetings with other fashion and luxury brand professionals are a main focus of the course, alongside guided field trips to trade fairs, events, and businesses.

    By the end of the course, among other skills students will be able to:

    - Use vector and bitmap graphics programmes for rendering, image manipulation, moodboard and colour palette creation
    - Manage the creation of sustainable and ethical fashion collections
    - Research and select appropriate materials, prints, and finishings
    - Create and develop accessory collections (bags and shoes)
    - Create a successful merchandising plan
    - Understand and apply buying strategies
    - Construct garments using moulage and traditional artisanal techniques
    - Confidently use Lectra 3D CAD software to create 3D models
    - Perform textile design techniques including fashion prints using sustainable methods
    - Use textile decorating, manipulating, and recycling techniques
    - Have a thorough awareness of the world of eco and sustainable fashion including how to ensure the respect for human rights through fashion processes
    - Develop and manage personal business projects
    - Create a professional identity


    Fashion Graphic Design (Photoshop &Illustrator)
    Collection Design & Planning
    Accessories Collection Development & Processing
    Collection Costing & Processing
    Buying Techniques & Merchandising
    Moulage & 3D Patternmaking

    Textile Design
    Fabric Finishings & Embellishments
    Eco-Fashion & Sustainable Fabrics
    Personal Branding & Portfolio
    Project Management & Start-Up


    Exclusive Milan location: Our school is at the centre of Milan’s fashion district on Via Montenapoleone, amongst the most famous Italian and international brands.
    Learn from the experts: All our teachers are fashion experts who have current roles in prominent fashion and luxury businesses or own their own company.
    Acquire experience: Practical workshops provide opportunity to consolidate theoretical learning, gain experience, and be ready for the real world of work.
    Internships: Students at Accademia del Lusso have access to exclusive fashion internship opportunities thanks to the work of our Placement Office.

    Made in Italy: We are an Italian fashion school with a global outlook. Our teaching methods transmit the same qualities that make the Made in Italy brand an international benchmark for quality and innovation.
    University qualification: Our Master’s Courses are run in collaboration with our partner university and offer the opportunity to gain a recognised academic qualification.
    Quality teaching and small class sizes: We have high teaching standards and maintain limited class sizes to enhance teacher-student interaction.


    3-year undergraduate degree or equivalent

    Applicants with non-standard qualifications or who possess relevant work experience will be considered on an individual basis

    Suitable knowledge of English


    This Master’s Course will prepare you for top roles in the design of fashion and luxury products and collections, particularly in the evermore important area of sustainable fashion, including:

    ● Sustainable Fashion Design ● Fashion Design ● Textile Design ● Footwear & Accessories Design ● Fashion Collection Management ● Fashion Product Management ● Fashion Production ● Buying for the Fashion and Luxury Sector ● Textiles & Materials Research ● Art Direction ● Merchandising ● Fashion Consultancy

    The knowledge and skills you acquire will also be transferable to roles within other industries.


    The school Placement Office is constantly active in creating new fashion internship and job opportunities for students. It also provides assistance and guidance for students in their search for placements relevant to their course, career goals, and interests.

    Support is given in developing self-promotion skills and our students have access to the large network of contacts and opportunities available exclusively to students of Accademia del Lusso.

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