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Master in Sustainable Product Design: Innovation and Management

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Agustin González

Agustin González

Master in Sustainable Product Design: Innovation and Management

  • Modalidade
    O Master in Sustainable Product Design: Innovation and Management é ministrado na modalidade presencial.
  • Duração
    O curso tem duração de 9 meses.
  • Certificado Oficial
    Ao concluir o curso, os alunos receberão o diploma de Master in Sustainable Product Design: Innovation and Management.
  • Considerações
    O Master in Sustainable Product Design: Innovation and Management estuda as mudanças que vêm acontecendo no ramo de design de produtos, na conscientização ambiental e em novos valores sociais, como a sustentabilidade. Este programa estuda os novos papéis e funções dos designers, criando tendências e buscando as necessidades dos clientes, além de promover o uso ético dos recursos.
  • Dirigido a
    Direcionados a designers de produtos, designers industriais, engenheiros, arquitetos e designers de interiores que desejam aprimorar-se em design e sustentabilidade.
  • Área de atuação
    Com base nos conhecimentos adquiridos, os estudantes poderão trabalhar no ramo de design, projetando e fabricando produtos de vários tipos.

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  • Conteúdo
    Master in Sustainable Product Design: Innovation and Management.

    Master - Barcelona

    In the past, traditional designers simply created. Today, designers are professionals who act as the link between the different departments in a company, often leading the change between the company and society. The creation of wealth and of new values is handled by those who know how to manage uncertainty and use it to bring improvements to both individuals and companies.

    Modern-day designers are moving away from the duality of form and function; they are professionals who follow the changing needs of the times and provide results that meet the specific requirements of each project. Design today is complex and requires an understanding of both companies and society to provide solutions. In addition to the aesthetic results, design is an essential mental process for generating innovation.

    The students of the Master in Diseño Sostenible de Producto study in depth the complexity and diversity of contemporary creative product design, which is based on analysing the demands of project management and incorporating new social values, such as sustainability.

    •     Credits:     60*
    •     Start date:     November 2016
    •     Language:     Spanish


    The aim of the master’s course is to train design professionals in the areas of innovation, creativity and project and team management.

    A special emphasis and depth of study are placed on the theme of sustainability, so as to offer multi-directional training and demonstrate different facets and points of view. The objective therefore is to produce designers with a cutting-edge training in a field that is predicted to be the driving force of innovation in the coming years.


    The contents of the master’s course are organised into four areas by topic: Sustainability, Techniques, Management and Projects.

    The courses in the Sustainability area focus on the values and concepts that underpin the analysis and design of the product life cycle. The objective of this area is to strengthen the professional role of the product designer with specific vocabulary and concepts, as well as to offer training in business and company management models.

    The courses in the Technical area focus on technical product development and the study of users and production trends. The objective of this area is to give more specific, in-depth training in new and more specific projection formulas.

    The courses in the Management area focus on product feasibility analysis at the design, production and cost management levels, and also from the viewpoint of marketing.

    The objective of this area is to focus on sustainable development geared toward business creation.

    The courses in the Projects area touch on a variety of topics that complement the entire course process, encourage individual reasoning, reinforce project methodologies and promote social activism through design.

    In the second part of the master’s course, the final project begins by partnering with a company, where a project is developed with a professional mindset and demanding criteria. This is a complex design project that brings together all the knowledge acquired throughout the course The final project is supplemented by courses designed to optimise the quality of the student's presentation of the design.

    During the coursework, inter-disciplinary seminars and workshops are held with guest specialists so as to develop in practice different topics of interest and consolidate the knowledge obtained in the theoretical and practical courses.

    Intended for:

    Product designers, industrial design engineers, engineers wanting an introduction to design, architects and interior designers interested in sustainability and the new, creative methodologies.

    Professional opportunities:

    After taking the master’s course, the students have the skills to develop professionally in both design studios and technical and innovation departments, as well as to implement their own projects and design-linked business ideas. They are trained to be ready to join in-company design and innovation teams and to bring value to design studios and/or manage their own professional career by creating an innovative business or their own creative studio.

    Duration and frequency:

    From: November to July
    Frequency: Monday to Thursday
    Timetable: 6.30 p.m a 10.30 p.m

    * The educational planning for all IED Master courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Master program has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The IED Master is a private degree.

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