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Master of Handicraft and Self Production Design

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Master of Handicraft and Self Production Design - Itália

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Julia Moreira
Master of Handicraft and Self Production Design
  • Modalidade

    O curso será realizado presencialmente em Roma.

  • Duração

    A duração do programa é de 1 ano.

  • Certificado Oficial

    Os estudantes que forem aprovados, receberão um diploma de pós-graduação outorgado pelo IED Istituto Europeo di Design.

  • Considerações

    O Curso de Pós-Graduação em Artesanato e Design de Auto Produção ajudará o estudante a ampliar seus conhecimentos em relação às ferramentas de trabalho operacionais necessárias para gerir com sucesso sua organização, além disso aprenderá a desenvolver um olhar crítico e flexível ao mesmo tempo que o permita entender as demandas do consumo contemporâneo e otimizar resultados.

  • Dirigido a

    Dirige-se para profissionais recém-formados das áreas de arquitetura e design que queiram empreender e gerir o seu próprio negócio e que tenham nível intermediário de inglês comprovado, uma vez que o curso é ministrado neste idioma.

  • Área de atuação

    Os pós-graduados em Artesanato e Design de Auto Produção poderão atuar como gerentes desenvolvendo atividades desde a concepção de peças até estratégias de marketing e de autopromoção.

Master of Handicraft and Self Production Design - Itália Comentários sobre Master of Handicraft and Self Production Design - Itália

Date: November 2013 | Duration: 1 year - full time | Language: English

The master aims at training professionals able to start and manage independent  entrepreneurial activities - from the industrial design to the marketing up to the distribution - with a high level of originality and innovation. A professional figure who meets the increasingly urgent need to renew the relationship between the producer and the consumer by proposing new ideas: a flexible designer able to clearly and freshly understand the requests of the contemporary period. For this purpose, the study plan includes subjects dealing with the working of metals and wood for the production as well as those linked to the distribution (marketing and communication), to the intellectual proprietary right, and to the tools used to increase the value of the personal activity (i.e. self-promotion and e-commerce).

Target: The course is addressed to newly graduated in the project area concerning design, architecture and interior design, who want to acquire or develop the operating entrepreneurial tools required to effectively take part in the realities in which they work.


The master includes a pathway dealing with the study and the realization of manufactures with the support of teachers and artisans-designers coming from the most advanced area of the relevant areas.
Professionals working in the research field who are able to convey their know-how through practical activities. Such know-how will be contextualised through a contemporary analysis of the sector with the aim of putting the product on the market.

As a matter of fact, during the last step of the courses of Metal shopping and Wood design, each student will be asked to realize prototypes of a product.

At the end of the course the students will present an entrepreneurial project including the marketing of the manufactures they designed and realized, and for which they defined the sales and communication strategies as well as the realization of the web site for the on-line marketing. Actually, the objective is to give the student the proper competences and experiences in order to introduce them to the entrepreneurship.

Didactic method

The didactic pathway of the master alternates theoretical modules and design realizations aiming at giving the students a professional approach to the project. The subjects concerning the product working and production - Metal shaping and Wood design - include lab activities during which the students will be supported in the selection of the materials, tools and machineries required to realize the manufactures.

For this purpose, we found partner places and institutions able to supply the laboratories, the technologies and the competences required to properly train the students. Instead, the theoretical modules will include the areas concerning Product management, Patent, Licence and copyrights, Public speaking, and Online web store design.

  • Metal shaping
    Starting from the history of iron furniture design, the course aims at teaching the different techniques used to weld, drill, and grind the metal in order to allow the students to design and realize an object prototype. 1.1 Metal shaping 1.2 History of the metal furniture, from Le Corbusier to date 1.3 Knowledge of the material in the different industrial productions 1.4 Iron and metal sheet processing 1.5 Theoretical-practical lessons concerning the electrode welding 1.6 Design 1.7 Prototype realization 
  • On-line web-store design
    The module aims at providing the students with the skills required to design and personalize their on-line web-store according to the characteristics of their own business. During the course the opportunities offered by the net will be developed in order to promote and increase the value of their personal projects both from the communication and management viewpoint. 6.1 On-line web store design 6.2 On-line communication 6.3 E-commerce and regulations 6.4 Digital interfaces 6.5 Designing a website 
  • Patent, licence and copyrights
    The course will deal with the copyright, the licence and the international patent: they are some of the essential subjects of the designer profession. 4.1 Patent, licence and copyrights 4.2 The birth of the copyright for the designer 4.3 Copyright types 4.4 Registration and patents 4.5 Licences 4.6 Usurpations and violations 
  • Product management
    This course is aimed at teaching how to identify the management issues regarding the design world by starting from the assumption that all products must be developed not only from a formal viewpoint but - above all – by considering the different management aspects. The course will deal with subjects such as marketing and product innovation, which are involved both in the analogical and in the digital distribution channels. 3.1 Product management 3.2 Method and creative thought 3.3 Planning and objectives 3.4 Creativity development 3.5 Product engineering 3.6 Marketing & innovation 3.7 Distribution channels 3.8 Case histories 
  • Public speaking
    The course aims at providing the students with the selection techniques used in the world of work, with the awareness of their professional and personal characteristics and with the relational and communication skills required to present themselves and their work at best. 5.1 Public speaking 5.2 Self-marketing 5.3 Presentation of the project
  • Wood Design
    The module will deal with the wood furniture design and will include an historical-critical section concerning the technical and formal evolution of the product. A whole geographic overview regarding the types of wood will complete the theoretical section. During the theoretical-practical lab, students will learn the essences of the different woods, how to use small manual tools (saws, chisels, rasps, floats, gauges, compasses, squares, clamps), and how to realize joints in order to be able to design and produce a furniture prototype. 2.1 Wood Design 2.2 History of the wood furniture through design 2.3 Essences and Material technology 2.4 Wood workings 2.5 Design 2.6 Prototype realization

Architect and designer. She works with companies and organizations by especially focusing on the ergonomic research. She is a member of SIE - Società Italiana di Ergonomia (Italian Ergonomics Society) and teaches Ergonomics and Design for All at IED Rome. She participated in many workshops as teacher and was speaker in several conferences. She is also member of ADI, and ADI Design Index Coordinator for ADI Lazio, and member of the Osservatorio Permanente del Design (Permanent Design Observatory).

Claudia Scapicchio
She is associate of the Law firm Jacobacci & Associati and works at its seat in Rome. She is specialized in judicial and out-of-court issues concerning patents and copyright. She teaches in post-graduate courses and master courses and participates as speaker at congresses dealing with the intellectual property.

Davide Vercelli
He is designer and engineer. His work combines technology and production, communication and marketing strategies in order to properly realize and market a product. He collaborated, and still collaborates, with companies working in different fields: lighting, house accessories, radiators, lining and bathroom.

Gabriele Simei
He is specialized in contemporary iron design and works with international architecture studios. He focuses on the experimentation applied to new lines and to the material. He works with international well-known artists for whom he realizes great installations.

Giampaola Marongiu
She is web master and designer. She deals with multimedia communication. She collaborated with companies working in the design field for which she managed the on-line communication. Moreover, she deals with presentations in the art field and she is also videomaker.

Hilaire O’Loughlin He works in the wood manufacture design and production; He collaborates with International Architecture studios and is currently responsible for the fitting-out of well-known fashion brands - such as Replay - in the Asian south-eastern area.

Paola Ferretti
She was consultant for Telecom Italia, Carrè Orban & Partners; Artemis Managment Consulting; she currently works in the H.R. and management development area for Cegos Italia spa. She deals with management training and teaches subjects concerning HR recruiting, management development and self-marketing in post-graduate specialization master courses.

Raffaele Ferrante
He is graphic and product designer. He worked as Design Manager at FILA Sport, United Colors of Benetton / Benetton Sport System, Electrolux I.D.C.E., SIXTY spa CH, Miroglio fashion srl, Natuzzi spa, Thun spa. He teaches Design, Marketing & Communication,and Design Management at IED, Accademia di Lusso, Politecnico in Milan, UD' Università degli studi G. D'Annunzio (PE and CH), and Ars – Arsutoria.

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