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Master of Product Design

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Milão

Master of Product Design - Itália

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Daniela Nogueira
Master of Product Design
  • Modalidade

    O curso de Master of Product Design é realizado de forma presencial na sede do IED em Milão.

  • Duração

    O Master of Product Design oferecido pelo IED Milão tem duração de 12 meses.

  • Certificado Oficial

    O aluno receberá o título de Master of Product Design.

  • Considerações

    Durante os estudos do Master of Product Design os alunos do IED aprenderão a trabalhar com diferentes sistemas de produção, procurando criar conceitos únicos, capazes de satisfazer as necessidades do mercado e dos fatores meio-ambientais.

    Depois de uma primeira etapa do curso, em que será dada uma base de aspectos culturais, os alunos poderão escolher entre quatro áreas do design: embalagens, produtos, mobiliário e auto-produção.

    O IED Milão traz a vantagem de estar situado em um dos mais importantes polos da indústria mundial do design. Por ser um ambiente com empresas de diferentes portes, o mercado de design italiano oferece grandes oportunidades para profissionais de todas as partes do mundo desenvolverem livremente projetos inovadores, testando novas tecnologias.

    Com isso, o designer tem a chance de trabalhar em conjunto com grandes marcas, em sintonia com as tendências e exigências do mercado.

  • Dirigido a

    O curso é voltado especialmente para economistas, profissionais de Marketing, Comunicação assim como é indicado a profissionais com no mínimo 5 anos de experiência na área.

  • Área de atuação

    O designer de produtos que cursar o Master of Product Design estará mais preparado para atuar nessa área, podendo trabalhar em empresas de diferentes portes. Além disso,um curso de pós-graduação em uma escola de design altamente reconhecida, como IED reforça o currículo, possibilitando a ascensão profissional.

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Master of Product Design

Start date: January 2014 | Duration: 12 Months - Full Time | Language: English

By being an environment made up of companies of all levels, the Italian Design System is the best opportunity for professionals from all over the world to express their innovation freely 'cause it resumes everyday different requests to experiment new methodologies.
By being an integral part of this system, the designer has the chance to cooperate with big companies being involved in a process strictly connected to real life trend and competition market.

At the same time it has the chance to cooperate with small-medium concern companies, real core of italian economy.

By working for this reality the designer has to fit his work to more accurate requests by the client enhancing his ability in market analysis, material research and project strategy definition whilst also considering modern trends that nowadays ask designers semi-custom products realized also in self-production.

For this reason Product Deisgn Master allows students to analyse thoroughly different project fields: product design for large scale and medium concern businesses, packaging design, furniture design and self-production products design.


The Master is the right specialisation for italian and foreign graduates from universities and equivalent private shools in Design, Architecture and similar fields and for professionals with at least five-years experience in the area.


This Master course study programme gives students the possibility to work with different production systems, high hint to create unique concepts, fundamental to satisfy the market demand everyday more careful to environmental factors, and created according to the need of new languages and sign research.

After a first cultural grounding, students can choose among four design-areas:

1. packaging - 2. product
3. furniture - 4. self-production

The plan of studies offers a first part of cultural subjects which will be the base on which they will develop the following projects.

During the second part of the course, students have the chance to shape their own curricula choosing between a linear career dealing with one of the project fields (packaging, product, furniture, self production) and a cross-career where the four areas interact.

The curriculum provides also two workshops where students improve their abilities according to the programme chosen and contaminate their experience with details about Italian Design Culture.

Then, during the third and last part, students develop a final thesis project with a partner company. This has aimed to create  autonomous professionals  on the cultural side and the projectual side  able to face different professional assignments.

Moreover the Master course offers conferences held by personalities from all main Design fields. In relation to the course contents and training objectives, internships may be organized with firms.

Big news for the Master in Product Design is the collaboration with Continuum , one of the most innovative and interesting international design studios. Continuum will be in charge of coordinating the Master Course.

The intervention of Continuum offers a fundamental contribution in preparing students towards a professional world which is continuously evolving from designing for people to designing with people.

    The communication lab aims at training the students so that they can properly present their projects to the customer and to the market. It is a complex and strategic activity on which the success of a project depends. The lab is divided as follows: organization of a presentation through a story-board referred to a clear and well-structure graphic project; definition of all tools supporting the story; oral presentation at professional level.
    In order to support the language knowledge, cross-disciplinary mee- tings are organized in collaboration with the Master course of the other IED Schools in order to provide students with a complete overview.
    They are cross-disciplinary workshops addressed to all Master courses of the School of Design and take place at the beginning of each Master course. They have different objectives such as: regenerating the project cultures of the participants, influencing the different cultures with the Italian design, developing technical, technological, cultural and linguistic subjects. They are structured to allow students to start outlining their own pathway and include the realization of a theme research.
    It is a lab aimed at teaching the new material limits with reference to the product design and the interior design by paying particular attention to the environmental issues. It deals with knowledge, research and analysis of the sensorial characteristics of materials, surface finishing, emotional feedbacks and chromatic ranges. Moreover, the areas concerning the materials deriving from recycling, the recomposed materials, and the ecological production processes will be developed in collaboration with specialized agencies.
    It is the final project of the Master course. The student has to choose a professional project together with a company or to select a commodity sector on which the project has to be based. The project pathway corresponds to the workshop project one, however it requires that the project is developed and expanded at a high-quality level. During the development and the final presentation, the students supported by their teachers - tackle the company or the market as if they were dealing with a real professional work since they are able to compare the different project aspects.
    One of the most important objectives of the Master course is the perso- nal research of the expressive language. In history, the most important designers stand out thanks to their works characterized by a univocal and personal expressive code. This lab, together with the projects, encourages the student to search for a very different personal architectural language.
    As the light is one of the subjects that are rarely dealt during the degree courses, this lab aims at giving the technical and expressive knowledge concerning the light technologies, the new technologies of the light control, and the usage of the artificial and natural light. The experience is developed in the light lab of the School equipped with the most sophisticated technologies.
    Once the students have chosen the project pathway among those offered by the Master course and with the advice of their coordinator, they tackle the workshop project. These are projects simulating a real professional situation where a brief is given to the student or it is defined by the students themselves to which they have to give a project answer by using the learnt expressive tools. The pathway is organized according to the classic structure of a project, i.e. a preliminary research step on the brief, the following analysis and outline, the definition of the concept. In this last step, the students are asked to properly use their skills in order to realize an innovative and expressive project.
    One of the strategic assets of the School includes the training of a product designers able to relate also with the economical system by interpreting its needs and its values as well as the customer positioning with reference to the market. He has to be able to interpret a project brief, to analyze the brand values of the customer and to sense the market changes; or to interpret the companies seen from outside in order to propo- se them the right projects; or to analyze the market in order to find the fields where he can introduce his product. Finally, the summary of all these factors will be added to the project choices. 
    The course organizes visits to companies belonging to the Italian design system in order to closely know the products in the catalogue and the relevant communication strategies; visits to production sites where it is possible to observe the production processes; visits to cultural places that can stimulate the personal cultural growth; participation in brand or product events to discover communication and market strategies.


Master Course's Coordinator Federico is happiest where intuition, business and technology intersect. He believes that the best design is the one that dissolves into behaviors and that questions are often longerlasting than answers. During his tenure at Continuum, Chicco has played a key role in leading both tactical and strategic innovation programs helping to wrap business scenarios around people’s desires and dreams. He had excelled in the creation of innovative and meaningful concept, products and services solutions for different international clients such as Allsteel, BIC, GM, Motorola, NEC, Orange, 3M, Pirelli, Philips, Sennheiser and Samsung. Prior to re-joining Continuum, Federico.

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