Master's in Digital Media Business (M.A.)

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Danielle Torres

Danielle Torres

Master's in Digital Media Business (M.A.)

  • Modalidade
    A modalidade do curso de pós-graduação oferecida pela Macromedia University é presencial.
  • Duração
    A duração do master em Digital Media Business é de 3 ou 4 semestres.
  • Certificado oficial
    A certificação será entregue ao aluno após a conclusão do curso com sucesso.
  • Considerações
    O aumento acelerado da mídia digital estimulou uma nova onda de empreendedorismo digital. Existem oportunidades infinitas para empresários digitais que desejam criar novos produtos e serviços baseados em mídias digitais. Quer eles tenham idéias disruptivas ou soluções melhoradas, os empresários digitais devem ter uma compreensão abrangente do mercado e os aspectos estratégicos e operacionais da execução de um negócio bem sucedido.
  • Dirigido a
    O curso de master em Negócios de Mídia Digital é voltado a profissionais formados em diversas áreas que desejam adquirir conhecimentos a respeito da temática.
  • Área de atuação
    Os alunos que concluírem com êxito o curso de pós-graduação poderão atuar em empresas orientadas para mídia.

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  • Conteúdo
    Master's in Digital Media Business (M.A.).

    Academic Degree: Master of Arts
    Duration of Study:
    • 3 semesters for applicants with 210 ECTS
    • 3 semesters plus 1 Pre Semester course for applicants with 180 ECTS
    ECTS: 90, 30 (Pre-Semester)
    Starting: Summer Term
    Location: Berlin, Munich
    Language: English

    Who can apply: This is a non-consecutive Master’s programme, i.e., it is open for students with undergraduate degree in diverse areas. 

    Application process:
    Apply online with the following documents: University/B.A. degree with 210 ECTS (if you have only 180 ECTS, join the pre-semester to earn the required credits); an average grade of at least 2.5; TOEFL (at least 72 out of 120) or IELTS (at least 6.0 out of 9); equivalent qualifications may also be accepted; curriculum vitae, letter of recommendation by your lecturer or employer and a motivation statement

    Lead digital media businesses to success

    At this very second, digitalisation is transforming our lives and societies. Media businesses are experiencing a complete shakeup and are exploring new ways to capitalize on digital media and new technologies. However, technologies are mere tools which cannot work on their own. It is the visionary leaders and skilled managers who design sound strategies and leverage new media to create value. Do you want to be a successful navigator in the digital age?

    The meteoric rise of digital technologies and media has opened up new avenues for companies across all industries. Today, there are multiple digital channels of communication, diverse content formats and growing segment of digitally savvy customers. Customer interactions, advertising and services have extended to apps, websites, chatbots and social media. Furthermore, emerging areas like virtual reality, augmented reality, data visualization and digital broadcasting have enormous potential for growth. 

    To tap into the potential of digital media, it has become essential for businesses to augment their digital media competencies. Whether they are a media company or not, they must develop their skill pool with digitally competent managers who can leverage the digital media to create value for the business.  These managers are creative, digitally-minded and ahead of the curve when it comes to identifying new opportunities and conceiving solutions for the digital era. It goes without saying that they need to have a positive attitude towards change, an entrepreneurial mindset and interdisciplinary foundation so that they can collaborate across disciplines.

    The accelerating rise of digital media has also stimulated a new wave of digital entrepreneurship. Endless opportunities exist for digital entrepreneurs who want to create new products and services based on digital media. Whether they have disruptive ideas or improved solutions, digital entrepreneurs must have a comprehensive understanding of the market and the strategic and operational aspects of running a successful business. 

    Do you want to be in the front seat in media-oriented companies and lead them to success? Then, the Master’s in Digital Media Business is the right path for you. 

    Content of the Digital Media Business (M.A.)
    The Digital Media Business (M.A.) programme at the Macromedia University is designed to train media business managers to succeed at the intersection of digital media and business management. 

    The competencies acquired in this programme are broadly diversified. You will gain a deep understanding of the global changes in the industries as well as in our daily lives driven by the rise of digital technologies. You are prepared to conceive, develop and market innovative offers for companies employing your transdisciplinary versatility and strong methodological knowledge.   

    You will acquire comprehensive strategic, design, technical and business skills to develop digital media products at a high project-managerial level. You will critically analyse different types of web 2.0 services, especially social media, apps and other mobile services while also learning to develop new business models in this context. Furthermore, you are challenged as “entrepreneurs” and prepared to sharpen your own start-up ideas, not only strategically but also regarding practical start-up requirements.  

    With a thorough understanding of the workings of digital media and practical experiences through projects, you are prepared to run successful digital campaigns, shape innovative platforms and leverage new channels successfully. 

    Your career prospects.
    By the time you graduate, you will have developed strong expertise in digital media and practical skills along with sharp business acumen, which renders you a high potential candidate for challenging roles in digital companies. 

    Potential employers for our graduates are media agencies, e-commerce companies, broadcasting companies and the digital department in different types of corporations. You may find interesting professional opportunities as: 
    • Digital media manager
    • Project manager
    • Advertising account executive
    • Co-founder in internet start-ups in the digital media industry
    • Digital business consultant
    • Digital media consultant
    Strong focus on practice.

    Practice is at the core of our study approach at the Macromedia University. Our professors of Digital Media Business will guide you throughout your studies and ensure that you gain practical experience in all aspects of digital media and management. With our well-maintained network of more than 500 company partners, you will get the chance to work on real-life practice projects. This is your chance to apply and expand the classroom knowledge directly in practice.  
    In our project portal , you can get a first impression of our practice partner companies in the industry. These include, among others, the Sky Group, ProSiebenSat.1, Rolls Royce MotorCars Ltd. and Microsoft. 

    Who can apply.
    Following the non-consecutive philosophy at Macromedia University, our programmes are open for students from all backgrounds. You do not necessarily need to have a related undergraduate degree to join. Our master students come with undergraduate degrees in a wide range of areas, such as business management, design, humanities, social sciences and so on. 
    Admission requirements and pre-semester

    1. University/B.A. degree with at least 210 ECTS.
    If you have only 180 ECTS, we offer you the option of obtaining the required extra 30 ECTS in a Pre-Semester course which you can complete in one of the following ways:
    • Attendance based pre-semester: This is an on-campus course that starts in the winter semester to ensure that you can join the master’s programme in the summer semester without any difficulty.
    • Online Pre-Semester: You can take the online pre-semester course in parallel with the first semester of your master’s course in the summer semester.
    2. English language proficiency.
    TOEFL test with at least 72 out of 120 points or IELTS with at least 6.0 out of 9 is required. Equivalent qualifications may also be accepted, as applicable. For more information, see how to apply.

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