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Pós-graduação em Direito Comercial Internacional

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Pablo Nieves

Pablo Nieves

Pós-graduação em Direito Comercial Internacional

  • Modalidade
    Este curso é feito de forma presencial.
  • Certificado Oficial
    Especialista em Direito Comercial Internacional
  • Considerações
    A globalização é um item que vem pautando nos últimos tempos a direção do mercado e a formação dos agentes estratégicos, sendo um item importante a ser levado em consideração na hora de escolher uma instituição de ensino. Uma boa escolha é a Universidade de Glasgow, a qual oferece a Pós-graduação em Direito Comercial Internacional. Neste curso, o profissional se aprofundará em assuntos como direito das empresas e as leis de comércio da União Europeia. Além disso, o aluno verá matérias sobre as leis econômicas internacionais.
  • Dirigido a
    Destinado a bacharéis em Direito.
  • Área de atuação
    O profissional pode trabalhar em lugares como ONU e OMC.

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  • Conteúdo
    Pós-graduação em Direito Comercial Internacional

    Desenvolvimentos contínuos em comércio eletrônico e o avanço do comércio global fazem com que novas habilidades e conhecimentos jurídicos sejam constantemente necessários em muitos postos de trabalho. A Pós-graduação em Direito Comercial Internacional vai preparar você para uma carreira focada nestas importantes áreas no cenário internacional. 
    • Commercial law has been a strength of the School of Law for many years, and this programme reflects the considerable expertise of the staff involved.
    • You will benefit from our excellent facilities including the dedicated School of Law library; our main University library also contains our extensive collection of legal materials and official publications and is a European Documentation Centre.
    • We promote a series of lectures featuring talks from highly successful lawyers and judges.
    • We have a very vibrant mooting programme and a dedicated Moot Courtroom. We have an outstanding record of success and you can participate in internal, national and international mooting competitions.
    Programme overview
    • LLM: 12 months full-time; 24 months part-time
    You will learn through lectures, seminars and group projects and presentations. The use of international sources, such as conventions, means you learn about the law in the UK while also developing a broader international perspective.

    You will study three or four courses from the following list (one choice can come from other subject areas), and to submit a dissertation approved as falling within the area.

    • Carriage of goods by sea
    • Company law 
    • Conflict aspects of commercial law 
    • Competition law enforcement 
    • European Union trade law 
    • International financial regulation 
    • International competition law and policy 1 
    • International competition law and policy 2 
    • International economic law 
    • International investment law 
    • International merger control
    • International sales and finance
    • Law of commercial banking.
    Career prospects 

    There is a high demand for law professionals with expertise in international commercial law. You will be well placed for roles in law firms, banks, international traders, asset managers and regulators.
    Entry requirements

    Entry requirements for International Commercial Law are a good first degree in law (2:1 upwards or equivalent) or a first degree (2:1 upwards or equivalent) with at least 50% of the credits in law.

    English language 

    If your first language is not English, the University sets a minimum English Language proficiency level.
    As the European internal market, and global markets continue to develop, commercial lawyers are increasingly in demand both in the public and private sectors. Commercial law is one of the strengths of the School of Law and the courses taught on the programme reflect the considerable expertise of staff involved. The range of courses offered on the programme provides a sound academic basis for future careers in commercial legal practice, either in the UK or abroad, as well as careers in areas such as banking, international trade and regulatory bodies.

    As part of the Taught Masters Programme, there is a compulsory one-week induction programme, tailored specifically for the LLM. This offers students information and guidance on learning methods, research skills, and on non-academic aspects of life and study in Glasgow.
    Student/Alumni Profiles 
    Interested in what our current students and graduates have to say about the LLM in International Commercial Law at Glasgow? Read their comments below.
    I had always an interest for studying International Commercial Law since my undergraduate studies. In particular, Carriage of Goods by Sea and International Sales and Finance were my main subjects of interest. I knew at that time and I have confirmed now that Glasgow Uni is a great university to study shipping and carriage of goods by sea in general because of the city's tradition of being a shipping and commercial spot for the UK.” Adolfo Toca Bonilla, Dominican Republic (2010/2011)

    “The size of seminars, in small groups, created a completely different atmosphere from having lectures in German universities, which I did enjoy and appreciate. The main difference, that I noticed, is the approachability of the staff. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful, which was very useful during the busy exam period especially!” Christina Plath, Germany(2009/2010)

    “I had high expectations of Glasgow University, and am delighted to say that the staff, teaching and general atmosphere was better than I could have imagined.” Louisa Silcox, UK (2007/2008)

    “I came into contact with many Luminaries of my field. Good multicultural environment; great learning experience, made new friends from different parts of the world.” Pradhuman Gautman, India (2007/2008)

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