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Pós-Graduação em Gestão Esportiva - Online

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  • Objectivos
    The objective of the MBA Master´s Degree in Sports Management is to train management professionals in the world of sport and is particularly suited to graduates who wish to guide their professional career towards sports management, sector professionals who wish to update their knowledge, professionals from other sectors who wish to join the sports world and professional athletes who, having reached the end of their playing career, aspire to continue their activity in the sports arena as managers.

    Students registered for this master will have the possibility of participating in an internship too. According to the agreement between the Universidad Europea de Madrid and the Comunidad de Madrid, signed June 1st, 2010 and thus meet the requirements of the Internship module for this program.
  • Conteúdo

    Pós-Graduação Gestão Esportiva

    In recent years, sport has become a discipline that has expanded beyond its previously defined boundaries, thus increasing the need for specialist professionals in the various areas associated with the world of sport and sports entities.

    The MBA Master´s Degree in Sports Management is taught 100% in English and provides specific training in the field of sports management.

    The MBA primarily consists of ten modules on company management.Subsequently, a cross-sectoral module is taught on management skills.

    The program contains a segment that specialises in sport and focuses on marketing, management and the operation of sports facilities.

    The international nature of this program will enable the student and sports manager to obtain the broadest possible outlook regarding the different sports management models that exist, not only in Spain but also beyond our borders, thanks to the participation of top-class international teaching staff.

    This training commitment will exponentially improve the field of vision and professional possibilities of our students.

    The program includes a visit to Madrid, where students will come into contact with all the spaces in the city where Real Madrid is present (facilities, sporting venues, organizational and management institutions...), as well as the “Fundación Real Madrid”.

    And that’s not all, at the same time other facilities, teams, managment models, and venues will be visited: Santiago Bernabéu, Ciudad Deportiva Real Madrid, Ciudad del Futbol de la RFEF [Spanish National Team], Caja Mágica [Madrid Open Tennis Stadium], Palacio de los Deportes [Madrid Sports Complex], and other spaces intended for leisure and entertainment run by both public and private organizations.

    This is one of the best experiences a student who is being trained in Sports Management can have, not only from a managerial perspective, but also from an operational standpoint.

    It is a visit where students will receive hands-on learning and apply the knowledge they have gained throughout the studies.

    The Program has 60 ECTS credits, starting in March or in October.

    Study Option: UEM’s Personal University (% on-line - % campus-based)

    With the Personal UEM version, students choose the percentage of campus-based and online training that they want to take, with a possibility of 100% online training.

    La Moraleja Campus of the Universidad Europea de Madrid, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Real Madrid Ciudad Deportiva.


    The MBA in Sports Management follows a case-based approach (group analysis of real situations suggested by the professors according to their experience) alongside the theoretical-practical development of each one of the topics being studied.

    The topics are distributed between structured modules in the following manner:

    25% initial theory (general concepts)
    50% theoretical-practical development
    25% practical case studies

    Throughout the course, visits are also made to sports facilities and events in order for the student to acquire first-hand knowledge regarding the management of this type of situation.

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