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Postgraduate in Trends Research

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

Postgraduate in Trends Research - Barcelona - Espanha

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Postgraduate in Trends Research.

Continuing Study Programs - Barcelona

Today's publicity, marketing and product development models are often out of sync with social evolution and the way we experience everyday life. That is why it is now more important than ever for professionals in any field to keep in touch with the consumer's culture, expectations and experiences.

The Postgraduate Course in Trend Research takes students on a journey into the world of consumer trends, which goes from understanding how and why they come about and how to detect them, to knowing how to understand them and apply them successfully.

  • Credits: 30*
  • Start date: September
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Atendance: Evening
  • Language: English


The aim of the Postgraduate course is to help students develop the critical eye they need to detect why things happen, which are the driving forces behind change and how those changes represent new business opportunities.

These skills will help them to rise as successful trend research professionals.


The Postgraduate course is divided into complementary modules that follow the stages of development of any research project. These modules are: Consumer Behaviour, Industry Structure and Applying Consumer Trend Research to Decision Making.

The first module focuses on understanding consumers, how they think and behave.

The second module explores the dynamics and rules that govern today's industry.

Once the student is aware of how the consumer responds and the stimuli that businesses are launching, the third module discovers how to the make business decisions using studies on consumer trends and behaviour.

Lectures are divided into a combination of theoretical lessons taught by renowned working professionals, workshops, field trips and talks with professionals who contribute their point of view and know-how.

The whole process culminates with an individual project that students work on during their entire training period. The project grants students the opportunity to put everything they have learnt on the course into practice and to test the feasibility of their proposals by presenting them to collaborating companies.

Student's profile:

This Postgraduate course is geared towards graduates and professionals who, beyond a mere curiosity that proves essential in today's world, are eager to take on the knowledge and skills needed to play a leading role in designing concepts, services and products to suit new consumers.

It proves of particular interest to professionals who wish to turn trend research into their field of expertise or those who wish to work in marketing, publicity or design and would like to learn how to capitalise on the value of trends in their daily tasks.

Access to the course will be limited to candidates who are able to show proof of a university degree or equivalent. Candidates who lack the requisite university qualifications may access the course based on their professional achievements. In this case, IED Barcelona will, at its own discretion, decide as to the type of qualification they will be given.

Career Opportunities:

Forecasting, branding, trend research, data mining, social media monitoring, product development, advertising, innovation consultancy or a career in research in the public sector or for non-profit organisations, among other options.


Noelia Morales

A qualified lawyer, Noelia has built up a wealth of international experience in marketing and product development at various FMCG companies (such as Chupa-Chups, where she worked on a very specific flavour for the Japanese market).

Her interest in consumer trends led her to found Nouvel in 2004 with the mission of helping companies to overcome the challenges posed by innovation and increasingly short product life cycles.

Noelia also gives conferences and works with a number of universities in the field of innovation.


Nouvel is a European trend and innovation consultancy firm. It offers brands the practical tools they need to develop products, services and business models that will boost their profitable growth and innovation.

Duration and frequency:

Timetable: Monday to Friday from 18.30 to 22.40
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