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Agustin González

Agustin González

Postgraduate in Shoes Design

  • Modalidade
    A Pós-graduação em Design de Calçados é cursado na modalidade presencial em Barcelona.
  • Duração
    O curso é realizado ao longo de 4 meses na sede do IED em Barceloma.
  • Certificado Oficial
    Após finalizado o curso os alunos receberão um diploma oficial expedido pelo instituto.
  • Considerações
    A Pós-graduação em Design de Calçados estuda o setor da moda responsável pelo design de calçados femininos e masculinos. Os alunos aprendem sobre o produto, os materiais e os componentes dos calçados. Entendem como é o funcionamento desse setor e preparam-se para gerenciar empresas, analisando coleções, tendências e marcas.
  • Dirigido a
    O curso é indicado para designers de moda, designers de produtos e profissionais relacionados ao design.
  • Área de atuação
    Oferece oportunidade de emprego em empresas de calçados nas áreas de design e de fabricação.

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  • Conteúdo
    Shoes Design.

    Continuing study programs - Barcelona

    Footwear is one of the most important sectors in the fashion industry. The world of footwear is unlike any other, and is governed by technical, complex and competitive demands.

    When it comes to footwear, knowing the product, its materials, and components well and understanding how the industry works is essential in order to successfully manage a brand or project. The key is to understand what the client is asking for: trends, design, technical features and materials, production and distribution.

    The Continuing Study Programme in Footwear Design qualifies graduates to develop footwear collections, including the technical, industrial and patterning projects they entail, for mid and top range distribution companies, or for their own brands.

    During the course, students learn about very specific subjects involved in the everyday development of this industry. At IED Barcelona, the teaching is highly practical: students explore new creative methods, become familiar with traditional materials (leather, fabrics, soles, adhesives, etc.) and new materials, learn to handle them and transform them using every possible production process, and experiment with traditional and cutting-edge technologies. The result is that they are trained to plan and develop any product both in terms of concepts and strategies and in terms of its manufacturing, production control and finish.

    To complete the training programme, two professional visits are made: one to a footwear and tanning factory and another to a bespoke handmade footwear workshop.

    • Credits: 15*
    • Start date: April
    • Duration: 4 months
    • Attendance: evening
    • Language: Spanish


    The aim of the CSP in Footwear Design is to break down and fully understand the process of creating a footwear collection, from the most creative part (trends, design and volumes) to the administrative side (cost analysis, collection standardisation, market survey, etc.), including technical aspects (volume creation, fit validation, pattern development and method sheets).

    The course provides an all-round vision of the sector and its aim is for students to reach the end of the course armed with the tools and know-how they need to develop their own brand project or a collection for a client or company.


    The course is divided into four theory modules:
    • Trends and Design
    • Patterns and Technical Drawing
    • Marketing and Brand
    • Go To Market

    Throughout the training programme, in order to apply the tools acquired, a collection plan will be developed according to a brief given by a partner company or professional. The course will be enhanced with case studies, workshops and trips in order for the student to see some of the key parts of the product industrialisation process: the tanning warehouse, finished product analysis, sample room, footwear and sole factory, etc.

    Student's profile:

    The course is geared towards fashion designers, product designers and professionals from related fields with some knowledge of design and projects. Students must have a basic command of the ADOBE package. Applicants are required to submit a CV and a covering letter in order to register. Should any of the prerequisites for admission not be met, the school will evaluate each case individually, and reserves the right to call in the applicant for a personal interview.

    Carreer opportunities:

    At the end of the course students can perform their jobs in footwear companies, design studios, national and international brands, shoe manufacturers, consultants.



    He has trained in the studio of John Galliano, in Jeanne Lanvin as a production and buy assistant for man, in Favori Paris as an assistant director and in Yves Saint Laurent as product manager.

    In 2007 in Paris he created his first brand with Sibylle Genin: BaronBaronne (2007-2011). He began his adventure in the world of footwear designing 125 years collection of André (Vivarte Group).

    Since 2013 he is the manager of Les Chausseurs in Barcelona, shoe company that sells in more than 9 countries and has its own shop in Gracia. He also works as a freelance shoe designer for clients such as Zegna, Costume National, Delvaux, Damart, among others.

    Prizes and competitions: Lauréat Creatif Ville de Paris in 2008, CTC Lauréat Federation du Cuir in 2009, Newsweek UK Fashion Entrepreneur 2010.

    Duration and Frequency:

    3rd edition: 27th of September 2018
    Timetable: Monday, Wednesday and some Friday from 6.30 pm to 10.40 pm

    * The educational planning for all IED Master courses is aligned with the criteria established by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The IED Master program has adopted a credit structure that follows the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The IED Master issues private degrees.

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