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Summer Course in Advanced Graphic Design

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Florença

Summer Course in Advanced Graphic Design - Itália

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Advanced Graphic Design.

Summer and Winter courses - Florence

Advanced Graphic Design takes a multi-disciplinary approach to incorporating theoretical and practical skills necessary for a solid foundation with the objective of the creation of a final project.

Students will use the cultural and architectural heritage of Florence of the past and present as their inspiration to utilize and transform their experience and ideas into a unique work.

  •  Language: English
  •  Date: July 
Schedule: This course meets Monday to Thursday with morning and afternoon sessions for a total of 75 contact hours.

Level and Pre-requisites
: This is an Advanced course, participants should have a basic foundation in the four main components of the courses and should be motivated to work independently and under deadlines.

Final Project: Is the development and completion of an E-book. The E-book will be related to a series of themes connected to the city of Florence. Students are encouraged to be creative in the type of E-book they want to create (in terms of content, subject matter, target group and messaging) and should not be bound by traditional models and norms. At the conclusion of the program student will present their work as part of a summer student exhibition.

Topics Covered: Typography, corporate identity and image, digital publishing, photography.
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