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Summer Course in Experience Design for Retail

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

Summer Course in Experience Design for Retail - Barcelona - Espanha

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Summer Course in Experience Design for Retail.


The Summer Course in Experience Design for Retail offers a wide-ranging, up-to-date overview of how to implement new experiences inside and outside retail spaces, linking them to a cyclical, 360º strategy. All participants therefore have an opportunity to get to know new tools and methodologies applicable to any market segment where innovation and strategy development are key factors in creating enriching, memorable experiences. All this knowledge will enrich and expand the participants’ vision and their methods of facing up to new challenges with a more strategic viewpoint.

  • Credits: 10*
  • Start date: July 
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Attendance: Part-time
  • Language: English


- Understand the basic structure for building a brand architecture, based on the development of a strategy conceived and designed to include a coherent dialogue between all the scenarios. In these scenarios, the brand's philosophy and values must be communicated and extrapolated to the experience inside and outside the retail space.

- Explore and interpret every retail space as a point at which the intangible essence of each brand takes on a tangible form in graphical pieces in which it is humanised, thanks to those who are involved in that space. From this perspective, the participants will come to understand experience design and the way in which value can be created through it.

- Interpret the way in which an overall strategy based on experience design is created and its implications for retail spaces.


This course is directed to answering the question: How do we create memorable, coherent, viable experiences?

Therefore, three axes of development will be used to create brand experiences:

- The first of these will be to get to know and create the architecture for a brand. This involves designing and developing the brand universe, which will be the axis along which all the peripheral evidence implicit in a business model will be extrapolated.

- The second focuses on understanding the role of the retail space and its design as a place where the brand universe and its values converge and translate into tangible elements. On this axis it is essential to think of the complete experience, the before, during and after. This will show how and which types of peripheral evidence must be designed and developed in order to create the user experience in the retail space following the strategy that has been laid out.

- Managing the human factor inside the retail space and the experience registered in it. Methodologies such as Role Playing will be used to highlight the type of service and its coherence with all the factors that were previously analysed and evaluated.

Student's profile.

This course is intended for students, professionals and entrepreneurs in the fields of architecture, interior design and product design who are interested in developing and understanding how to create memorable retail spaces by developing and properly managing experiences.


Marc Guitart – Branding y Design Management

Industrial designer, graphic designer, packaging and ecological designer. He lives and works in Barcelona. He combines integral design and consulting services with teaching. Since 2002, he has been lecturing and giving talks at a variety of universities in Spain and abroad.
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