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Summer Course in Future Materials in Fashion: Lifestyle, Trends and Design

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

Summer Course in Future Materials in Fashion: Lifestyle, Trends and Design - Barcelona - Espanha

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Future Materials in Fashion: Lifestyle, Trends and Design.
Summer and Winter Courses - Barcelona
The intersection of fashion, science and technology are undeniably having a profound effect on the fashion industry. We presently live in a high challenging moment in society with rapid changes in a very short time. A new positive system is needed and where all action is designed to achieve minimum environmental impact to contribute to a sustainable fashion. We should embrace the future examining new materials and the possibilities of these new technologies might be and how designers, entrepreneurs and corporations intend to use them.
What impact might we achieve with innovating fabrics to promote sustainable fashion consumption?
Bearing in mind a more sustainable alternative, the Summer Course in Future Materials in Fashion: Lifestyle, Trend and Design, is an intense one week course that focuses in applying new intelligent fabric to design development with active workshops and expertise collaborations. We will explore how we can apply creative concepts efficiently to develop innovative design results to anticipate our future needs and challenges for a more sustainable tomorrow.
Key themes include exploring lifestyle forecasting and future scenarios; work collaboratively with leading technological and research centre Materfad, showcasing a selection of advanced materials that represent a breakthrough in design, engineering and architecture; and applying innovative materials to propose fashion design products as an alternative solution.
  • Credits: 5*
  • Start date: July 
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Attendance: Full-time
  • Language: English

- To explore current and future micro/macrotrends in culture, design and society;- To understand future scenarios and actively re-think future designs;- To gain better insights of Intelligent materials and fabric applied to design;- To value the creative process through active team work;- To enhance fast prototyping to clarify concepts and get valued feedback;- To actively apply future materials to transmit core concepts;- To gather and transmit concepts in the final report.
The course combines a motivating structure which includes: case studies, dynamic workshop, experimental classes, field trips and professional lectures, providing a solid baseline for professionals to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach in their career.
This intense course begins with identifying key-concepts and opportunities in lifestyle trends, creating storytelling through online investigation, adopting an open-minded and experimental approach with core materials and finally implementing provided tools to co-create a viable product and a final report.
The course will take actively in the IED centre but should be taken into account the tight schedule for selected field trips during the week. It is important to highlight the collaboration between IED and specific research centres such as Materfad (Disseny Hub Barcelona) among others in promoting the possibility to apply advanced materials towards the outcome of the course.
This course addresses creative professionals that come from a diverse range of disciplines in the fashion fields, who are attracted in enhancing their skills in future innovation and trends applying competitive thinking to design. Advanced design applications are needed. To address international participants, the course will be held in English (although basic Spanish is helpful).
Prior requirements.
Applicants are required to submit a CV and a cover letter in order to register.
Participants who can prove that they have a university degree or the equivalent can enter the programmes. Applicants who do not have the required university degree can enter some programmes on their professional merits. In this case, it is at the discretion of IED Barcelona to decide what type of certificate they will be awarded.
Course Coordinators.
Each Summer course program content and syllabus have been designed by the appointed course coordinator, a specialist in the subject, together with the Master area Academic Department. The Course Coordinator also plays an active role in assisting to incorporate professors and developing relationships between companies and institutions in order to create links to the course program.
Maya McCarthy completed her artistic studies between Rome and Madrid before building up experience as an interior decorator for publisher Maeva and Feria del Libro del Retiro, as well as stylist for Spanish newspaper El Pais. She has previously worked as a fashion designer for: Chitton, Carolina Herrera, Purificacion Garcia, Zara, Sfera and Don Algodon and Bershka. Currently she is Module Responsible of Fashion Culture in the BA Honours for 'Fashion Design' and 'Fashion Marketing & Communication' in IED Barcelona. Her passion lies in discovering the emerging visual influences of the 20th century in our present times. She also shares this passion at IED in the Fashion Costume master and Fashion Marketing Communication Master.
Duration and frequency:

Frequency: 1 weeks
Timetable: Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 1.30 pm and 3 pm to 7 pm
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