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Summer Course in Packaging Design

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  • Start Date: July

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

Summer Course in Packaging Design - Barcelona - Espanha

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Packaging Design.

Summer and Winter Courses - Barcelona


Packaging is the name used to refer to the wrappers, containers and labels of commercial products. In increasingly competitive markets, packaging is a concept that is gaining in importance and innovation in this area is becoming a very important factor in differentiating products.
Packaging surrounds, protects, transports, communicates and attracts. It must also have certain characteristics, such as being appropriate for the proper storage of the product, being made of specific materials, and, at the same time, being environmentally friendly.
The Summer Course in Packaging Design aims to train professionals with an ability to communicate the characteristics of a product both formally and graphically. These professionals are able to design with a social conscience and respect for the environment and to anticipate needs and meet them in some way.
  • Credits: 10*
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Attendance: Part-time
  • Language: English

- To understand packaging, its history and its relationship with our everyday lives through design.- To learn to innovate in the area of packaging.- To understand and apply ethical environmental commitments to packaging projects.- To acquire a methodology for creation, definition and execution.- To understand the job of Art Director and/or Packaging Director.- To analyse a variety of containers and packages at the structural level and define which is most appropriate for each project.- To study the application of graphics to containers, packages and branding in packaging.- To understand how each step in the design process and its execution is managed. Methodology.
The Summer Course in Packaging Design combines an individual exercise (1 per week) with a group exercise (4 weeks) and a visit from experts in this field.
The course is divided into four blocks: Art Direction, Volume Design, Graphics and Management.
It includes Master Classes on the following topics: Branding/Visual Identity for packaging, Sustainability in the Container and Packaging field.
Volumetric and structural design (bottles, dispensers, pouches), notions of engineering for packaging design and pre-press (transferring ideas to the desired quality, printing). Student's profile.
Students and professionals in Communications, Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Marketing and those interested in packaging design in general, who wish to specialise in the field of containers and packages.
It is indispensable to know the basics of technical drawing and image processing. Coordinator.
Design Consultant and Professor
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