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Summer Courses in Fashion Design: Design your Capsule Collection

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Florença

Summer Courses in Fashion Design: Design your Capsule Collection - Florença - Itália

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Agustin González
Summer Courses in Fashion Design: Design your Capsule Collection
  • Modalidade

    O curso de Verão em Design de Moda: Crie sua Coleção de Cápsulas é oferecido na cidade de Florença.

  • Duração

    A duração do curso é de 3 semanas no período integral.

  • Certificado Oficial

    Os estudantes recebem um certificado oficial do IED Istituto Europeo di Design.

  • Considerações

    Durante o Curso de Verão em Design de Moda: Crie sua Coleção de Cápsulas, os alunos aprenderão como identificar as tendências atuais da indústria da moda italiana. Receberão informações importantes sobre a história da moda, pesquisa de tendências e técnicas. Eles irão estudar habilidades como desenho, modelagem e técnicas de adaptação, a fim de criar sua própria coleção de cápsulas no projeto de final de curso.

  • Dirigido a

    O curso é indicado para estudantes interessados em aprender os fundamentos do design de moda e que não têm conhecimento prévio nem experiência na área.

  • Área de atuação

    Os estudantes terão uma noção geral de design de moda que o ajudará a iniciar uma carreira no negócio da moda, entender seus fundamentos e como funciona.

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Fashion Design: Design your Capsule Collection:
Summer and Winter Courses - Florence

The Fashion Design: Design your Capsule Collection enables students to experiment the basic tools of design. Theoretical lessons are enhanced by creative workshops, trade fairs, and possible seminars with industry professionals.

Florence, with a centuries-old tradition in the world of fashion and its manufacturing excellence, has an enviable international reputation in fields ranging from fashion and artistic craftsmanship to design and technological innovation. In such incomparable place sudents will observe and analyze current creative realities and trends.



Target : This course is intended for motivated students interested in learning the fundamentals of fashion design and have no prior knowledge or experience in the discipline. This is an introductory course, no previous studies within the field are required. 

Methodology and structure: This course introduces the multifaceted industry that is fashion design. Students will cover a wide range of subjects such as fashion history, trend research and techniques while developing skills such as drawing, patternmaking and tailoring techniques in order to complete a capsule collection as their final course project. During the course students will learn how to identify and discuss current trends and leaders in the Italian fashion industry and will acquire organization skills and experience working as part of an international student team. Furthermore, they will employ the standard research methods, key concepts and tools necessary to develop a “collection project” based on the chosen “concept” and “target”.

Throughout the course, students will meet with diverse professionals in the field as part of traditional lecture or showroom visit. Active participation in discussions with guest lecturers and site visit attendance is fundamental.

Study Plan:

History of Fashion:
The aim of this course is to give students the tools to understand, individuate and differentiate the changes in styles and tendencies and the capacity of analysing fashion and its most representative personalities.

The Concept of Trend and Florence Ground Research:
The course will start with a definition of fashion and style. Particular focus is given to the importance of body communication and how it can be interpreted as an expressive symbol which conveys a unique and personal message.
Furthermore students will be lead to understand the link between past and future throughout an analysis of the different elements that nowadays give the basis to a future development towards new scenarios and innovation in fashion supply chain.

Intro to Collection Project:

Fashion Drawing:
The course focuses on the explanation and realization of a basic female/male drawing, with a particular attention on anatomy proportions and the development of graphic techniques for the draping and the patterns of the main fabrics.

Pattern Making and Tailoring Techniques:
The course focuses on the moulage technique. Emphasis is given to draping techniques of different fabrics, working directly on a mannequin.

Technology of Materials:
Through this course students are introduced to the main aspects of fabric from the fiber to the finishing, allowing them to have a general overview of the textile manufacturing processes and an understanding of the different types of fabrics. Through visits to Italian textiles manufacturers and museums students will  depeen the theoretical notions acquired during the course.
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