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Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts

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CAA Culinary Arts Academy

Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts - Lucerna - Suíça

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Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts.

Develop your love of Culinary Arts with an eleven-week short course in the fundamental techniques.
Continue your studies with two extra terms to earn a Swiss Grand Diploma!

Culinary Arts - Le Bouveret Campus.

The course takes place at our Le Bouveret campus on Lake Geneva where we host our new culinary arts facility – Apicius: a contemporary, 4-storey construction custom-designed to enhance the professional learning experience for our culinary students. The campus also houses the “Mosimann Collection”: an exceptional collection of historic cookbooks and culinary artefacts collected over half a century by Swiss Masterchef, Anton Mosimann OBE. Chef to the British Royal family, the collection includes menus, dinner planning and gala setups with which he has delighted royals and celebrities for the last 50 years.

The Kitchen Experience.
Our experienced and decorated chef instructors teach culinary demonstrations in front of the class to explain each technique. Students then practice the techniques learnt during the demonstration at an individual workstation with guidance every step of the way. While a kitchen is a disciplined environment, the teaching style remains approachable and light-hearted. 

Students who enrol and complete at least 2 consecutive terms qualify for a paid full-time internship in Switzerland. For those students, language courses will become a mandatory part of the programme in preparation for internship placement. 

Discover the Culinary World.

Le Bouveret Campus.

  • Term 1 (11 weeks) - Certificate of Culinary Arts Essentials
  • Term 2 (11 weeks) - Diploma in European Culinary Arts
  • Term 3 (11 weeks) - Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts

Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts. 

Term 1.

Essentials of Culinary Arts
11 weeks

+Essentials of Cooking
+Essentials of Baking, Pastry & Desserts
+The Chef's Tool Kit 
Award: Certificate of Culinary Arts Essentials
Term 2.

European Professional Cuisine
11 weeks

+Classical European Cooking
+Classical Desserts
+The Professional Chef
Award: Diploma in European Culinary Arts
Term 3.

Master Gourmet Chef
11 weeks

+Gourmet Cuisine
+Gourmet Dessert Creations
+The Cutting-Edge Chef

Award: Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts

Entry Requirements.

Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts.

The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland Bachelor Degree is aimed at high-school graduates, those seeking a career change, and for people with a passion for cooking and a strong desire to pursue a culinary career in the hotel or restaurant business.

High-school diploma or equivalent
English language proficiency of TOEFL iBT 55 or IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
Recommended minimum age of 18 years*

Direct Entries into Year 2 or 3 of the Bachelor's Degree.

Direct entry into the second and third year may be possible for students with appropriate academic qualifications.

Direct entries to the final year of the Bachelor’s degree should have:

  • Higher Diploma in a relevant field
  • English level equivalent to TOEFL iBT 65 or IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

Candidates with prior learning from other culinary schools or the workplace may also apply. All applications will be considered on an individual basis.

Starting Dates / Course Calendar

from: to:
Winter* 7th January 22nd March
Spring 8th April 21st June
Summer 8th July 20th September
Fall 7th October 20th December

from: to:
Winter 6th January 20th March
Spring 6th April 19th June
Summer 6th July 18th September
Fall 5th October 18th December

from: to:
Winter 4th January 19th March
Spring 5th April 18th June
Summer 5th July 17th September
Fall 4th October 17th December

* Swiss Grand Diplomas are not available for the 2019 Winter intake.

Application Deadline.

You are advised to send your application as soon as possible as places are limited in the school.

For students who require a visa to enter Switzerland it is important that you contact the Swiss Embassy in your home country to find out the length of time necessary for your visa application. In certain countries it may take up to 12 weeks for a visa to be approved.
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