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Official Undergraduate Degree in Product Design - Major in Transportation Design

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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

Official Undergraduate Degree in Product Design - Major in Transportation Design - Barcelona - Espanha

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Análise da Educaedu

Agustin González
Official Undergraduate Degree in Product Design - Major in Transportation Design
  • Modalidade

    O Curso Official Undergraduate Degree in Product Design - Major in Transportation Design é realizado na modalidade presencial na cidade de Barcelona.

  • Duração

    A Graduação tem uma duração de 4 anos.

  • Certificado Oficial

    Após terminado o curso os alunos receberão um diploma oficial emitido pelo Instituto.

  • Considerações

    O curso de Graduação Official Undergraduate Degree in Product Design - Major in Transportation Design, prepara o profissional para o design de transporte, sistemas de transporte e acessórios relacionados à indústria. Oferece treinamento capaz de captar os aspectos psicológicos e sociais relacionados ao segmento automotivo, além de conhecimento em questões comerciais e de marketing.

  • Dirigido a

    O curso é destinado a estudantes interessados no design de veículos e transportes que desejam trabalhar no setor.

  • Área de atuação

    Os estudantes podem ocupar posições nas principais empresas da indústria automotiva, aeronáutica, no setor de transporte público, empresas de design. Embora a maioria trabalhe na indústria automobilística, também poderão encontrar sucesso nas empresas de comércio e engenharia.

Official Undergraduate Degree in Product Design - Major in Transportation Design - Barcelona - Espanha Comentários sobre Official Undergraduate Degree in Product Design - Major in Transportation Design - Barcelona - Espanha
Diseño de Producto - Major in Transportation Design.

Official Undergraduate Degree - Barcelona

The Undergraduate Degree in Product Design (240 ECTS), specializing in Transportation Design, prepares professionals who are capable of designing not only vehicles, but also transportation systems and accessories related to the sector. Interior and exterior designers for transportation vehicles able to face commercial, psychological and social factors related to mobility.

Comprehension of aspects like psychological and emotional mechanisms of consumers, citizens or users, linked to the concepts of transportation, vehicle and culture of the different reference targets. It is learnt to understand and interpret each world, needs and expectations of citizens, but at the same time maintaining creativity, style, trends and products’ life cycle.

Professional outcomes: car interior and exterior designers, motorcycles, ships, aeronautical sector, public transportation, color&trim, 3D modelling, etc.

  •     Credits:     240
  •     Start date:     September 2016
  •     Language:     English,     Spanish


The Undergraduate Degree in Product Design, specializing in Transportation Design, offers an educational path that teaches the student to design both vehicles bodies (cars, trucks, trains, ships, motorcycles, etc) and its interior design. It also involves the problems related to the segments of production, commerce, psychology and sociology related to transportation.

The experience acquired by IED Design in this area, in addition to the collaboration with large companies working in the sector, allows developing this particular theoretical competence along with practice, a typical trait of transportation designers. This methodology emphasizes a permanent comparison between technical and theoretical knowledge and their concrete application based on creating and developing increasingly difficult projects.

The first year of this degree is focused on acquiring basic concepts of design, culture and project methods. Students learn to dare to create and communicate.

The second year is concentrated on developing one’s own creativity individually, and starting to study specialization-related tools such as: packaging, clay, Key sketch, Chartpaks felt tip pen, Alias and graphic communication.

The third year means the beginning of collaborations with companies and new, more technical and complex projects, with prototypes and real costs. Students begin to study production systems and models. Work is developed in transversal teams composed by students of Product, Interior and Transportation design. In addition, new materials will be studied such as sustainable, technological materials, etc.

During the fourth year students study A-class surfaces, animation and video. They take a compulsory intership in a company and each one chooses a professional profile. Creative management acquires a great relevance through project management and rethinking, modifying and refining projects to respond properly to users’ and market’s needs. Lastly, the degree final project is developed in collaboration with real companies, where prototypes are produced. In successful cases, those prototypes will evolve and manufacture to be launched into the market.



    Project foundation I
    Project foundation II
    Colour and form
    Representation techniques I
    Project communication I
    Technical drawing I
    Representation techniques II
    Project communication II
    Volume I
    Science applied to design
    Introduction to marketing
    History of art and design


    Semiotics - Semiotics is the study of “sign” or “meaning”; the essential element of every form of communication, including graphic designer’s creative communications. Graphic design is interpreted as a story regulated by a code, making it different from every other phenomena of communication. Semiotics helps define this code.
    Volume for product I
    Packaging project
    Domestic project
    Interdisciplinary project
    Ergonomics project
    Technical project
    Styling project
    Rep. techniques for product I
    Technical drawing for product I
    Technology for product I
    Computer tools for product I
    History of product design I
    Multidisciplinar workshop


    Pdp project
    Technology for product II
    Exterior project
    Nautical project
    Computer tools for transportation I
    Workshop for product I
    Project comm. for product I
    Project comm. for transportation I
    Two wheels project
    Multidisciplinary workshop II


    Professional internship
    Final project
    Design management project
    Transport interior project
    Mobility project
    Multidisciplinar workshop III
    Workshop for product II
    Project comm. for transportation II


Toni Parera
He is currently working at Innou as Project Manager / Creative Director / Owner of the study. He has collaborated with Casualplay, Eddadesign, Magma design,Segui design, Grokcel, and Roca, among others. Project leader and director of industrial design and project control in factories in Shenzhen-Shanghai-Nanjing.

Alfonso Luengo
He’s a member of the design team of SEAT.

David Chevalier
For several years, he has has worked in automotive design, particularly in vehicle interior design, in companies such as Faurecia, Mecaplast, Fuor-design and-Lypsa Ruecker.

Sergio de la Parra
Specialist in alternative transportation design . Partner / Creative Consultant at Network in 4-id.

Raquel Aparicio
She is a freelance designer of products, toys and vehicles. Judge of Pilkington's Awards 2010 at RCA and exterior designer for Kia Design Center Europe.

Maria Vayreda
She has worked at the design department of SEAT developing different models for Seat, Audi and Lamborghini. She freelanced for CARAN (a company in transportation and product design) from Göteborg (Sweden), as well as for Saab, Volvo, Atlet and Sj.

Cristian Hutinel
Designer in chief at Taurus Home Appliances Company and he has worked for several design studios as EDDA Design, Ingenium, Anima Design and as well collaborations for Industrial Giugiaro Design, Black and Decker Chile. Currently he is collaborating with Asian companies of lighting and appliances.

Román Bianco
Co-founder and Creative Director of Creative Affairs Studio. Management and development of projects for clients such as Scalextric, Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Museum of Natural History, etc. He has worked as a freelance designer developing projects for clients such as Pepe Jeans, Marset, Science Museum of Terrassa, etc.. He is product and furniture designer at PearsonLloyd Ltd. Project developer for clients such as Lufthansa, Westfield, etc..

Tomás Bedós
He worked in the toy factory Quercetti as exclusive designer for the product department. He carried out integral projects of motor and sail leisure boats, and he was in charge of several projects and monitored their construction, leading a team of product designers, naval architects, engineers and construction suppliers.

Raul Aranda
Designer Pro/Engineer, electric material. Development of electrical systems, motor pieces and project management and collaboration in RÜCKER IBERICA. Developing panels for VOLKSWAGEN in Germany. Extern personal for SEAT. Senior project and parts management for SEAT.
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